Time For A Reset

Hazy, hot and humid.  That describes this day of driving through parts of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.  I’m now happily flopped out in my truck, AC at full power, and very comfortable after dinner and a shower.  Vinny had his dinner, a good long walk, and is out like a light!

I have tomorrow off to reset my log book.  I could recap as today is my 7th day straight driving, (I will do a post on how logs work) but I would rather have a day off to rest, do laundry and just play with Vinny and watch movies.  I took a few pictures today during my drive and here at the TA in Jeffersonville OH.

IMG_5020 (Large)

IMG_5025 (Large)

IMG_5026 (Large)

IMG_5041 (Large)

IMG_5070 (Large)

IMG_5074 (Large)

IMG_5086 (Large)

IMG_5081 (Large)

IMG_4245 (Large)


18 thoughts on “Time For A Reset

  1. Rest well my friend and enjoy the day with Vinny who is looking particularly noble in that last picture. Stay cool under those heavy skies – I send you both a breeze from my garden 🙂

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      1. I know, I have often thought about that too. I did wonder if their double insulated coats act as a barrier to heat also, as the huskies seem the least bothered of all the cold weather breeds. Our desert cats have thick double coats to insulate against the heat and sand.

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