Heaven On Earth

It’s amazing what writing this blog has done for me. Before I started I was lost in all the thoughts running around in my head. A mass of confused and disjointed memories and painful feelings that had no structure, no order.  As I write things down I get the chance to look at them as an outsider, turn them around to see if they look different from that angle.  Writing allows you to reflect on things later and clarify your thoughts, place them into a more concise order.  Through this medium I think I am coming to terms with many of the things that have prevented me from being happy and content.

As the picture clears on some things, others are still out of focus.  I now understand why my father could not connect with me, and I bear no ill will towards him for it.  I forgive my ex wife for cheating on me as she had many emotional problems she had no control over during our marriage.  But still there are still some things that bother me greatly and I don’t know why.

IMG_4452 (Large)

A couple days ago I was driving in Pennsylvania on I84 when I had the realization come to me of why I have trouble making friends.  I come on too strong and scare them off.  I’m a high intensity person, my mind moves at a very fast pace and I tend to speak without waiting for a response.  Some people say I don’t listen to them.  It’s a habit I’m trying to get a handle on.  I think, in part, I started this blog as a way to meet like minded people without coming at them full throttle, making myself slow down.  So far, I think I’m succeeding.

Then something else happens.  Just as I’m thinking this realization through, one of my worst fears almost came true.  A beautiful doe and her spotted fawn ran out in the road in front of me.  I really think my heart stopped at that moment.  Even now as I write this my eyes tear up.  I managed to stop in time, but I set there helplessly as the fawn ran back and forth in the lanes with the doe close behind trying to guide her baby to safety.

doe and fawn

The fawn finally ran to the median and tried to go under the guardrail.   When the fawn hit the rail and fell, I heard it cry out to it’s mother.  My heart sank as it got up and ran in front of oncoming traffic, barely making it across the highway.  Then the doe made a run for it and made an incredible dash across.  I bet the cars only missed her by inches.

When I realized they were safe, I started down the road again.  I didn’t make it a mile and my hands started shaking violently.  I had to pull over and stop for fear of crashing.  What made me overreact that way?  It wasn’t rational, and yet I had no control over it.  I’ve seen animals hit by cars before.  One day a couple weeks ago I counted over 25 hit deer in one day of driving.  I have hit cats, squirrels and other small animals before.  I always felt really bad, but nothing like this.

It’s strange how something like this can have such a strong impact on my life.  If I was starving, I know I could shoot that doe.  I’m a very good shot and she would not suffer.  But that’s the only reason I would.  I’m not a hunter, but I have no problems with others who are.  It’s a part of life that animals are used as a food source.  If done humanely, it doesn’t bother me at all.  But to hit a mother and her baby, that would take me a long time to get over, even if it wasn’t my fault.

Nature is full of cruelties. Animals, including fawns are killed and consumed by other animals all the time.  “The circle of life” as they say.  I guess I empathize with animals so strongly because they have no understanding of the dangers of roads or cars.  No way for us to teach them how to stay safe, unlike humans and their children.  I think I’m a modern day “Grizzly Adams” or other such men who value the true majesty that is all around us, and hate to see animals die for no reason.

I’ll be happy when I’m finally living on my future boat, away from the highways, at peace with nature.  I can’t wait till the first time I see dolphins swimming in my bow waves.  The first tired birds stopping by to rest before continuing to shore.  The first whale surfacing for a deep breath before diving to the depths below.  The first sunset while anchored off a small island with no one around but the weird guy with his dog.  That will be heaven on earth for me.

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22 thoughts on “Heaven On Earth

  1. There is a flood of tears flowing down my face right now, my friend ( I hope you don’t mind me giving you that title?) I am so much the same. I mean all the way down to my over-the-top personality-which contrasts in such a bizarre way with my over-emotional reaction to things such as the Mama and the Baby Deer. All I can say is this, You are not alone! Thank You for your insightful, brilliantly descriptive words! and ” Woof ” to Vinny.

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  2. I loved this – I’m rushing just now as I have been out of circulation for a couple of days but I just wanted to comment that I think sometimes our subconscious takes over and that when it is the back-burner of a highly emotional soul it is bound to make the response more dramatic, almost physical.

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      1. I’m not at all surprised. I remember watching a young deer trying and failing to jump a wall near my then home in Oxfordshire, UK. It was very early morning and there was hardly any traffic on the soon-to-be busy highway but I have seldom been so utterly helpless, so absolutely terrified and so wholly relieved when it somehow managed to find a bit extra in its legs and spun succeeded having thrice fallen straight back into the road.

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  3. That is a wonderful post, John. I have nursed a doe into her death after someone hit her and I saw a beautiful one on the edge of the forest yesterday. I kept hoping she would go back in and be safe and to my relief there was no dead body when I returned. I have rescued giant turtles, pigeons, seagulls and many more. For the most part, I really prefer being with animals but have learned enough social skills to seem like I am adept. It is amazing how much we learn when we write it down.

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  4. A modern day Grizzly Adams, I love that. That was so beautiful, it actually made me tear up. I think that incident would have affected me the same. Your heaven on earth sounds, sigh, well it sounds like just that …

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  5. Not only do you get to look at your thoughts from different angles, you get to read all the different angles we surmise from your posts 😄
    Glad the deer made it..
    If you think you come on too strong, then you probably do at least sometimes.. I think you’re pretty laid back about life, but your mind is always “on” , which is awesome unless you’re talking to someone too polite to interject thier thoughts.. You’re conversant in many things, in turn you could carry a conversation for two.. Not many ppl are listeners, most want to talk.. A great conversation, in my opinion, is one where both or several ppl, are interested in the same topic and interested in sharing and listening to other experiences/opinions.. I find it once in awhile and it’s so refreshing..

    Each day marks another step closer to the water for you my friend 👍

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