I Will Choose Freewill

There are those who think that life
Has nothing left to chance
With a host of holy horrors
To direct our aimless dance

A planet of playthings
We dance on the strings
Of powers we cannot perceive
The stars aren’t aligned
Or the gods are malign
Blame is better to give than receive

You can choose a ready guide
In some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice

You can choose from phantom fears
And kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose free will

Freewill – Rush


There are leaders, and there are followers. There are takers, and there are givers. There are tyrants, and there are saints. Such is human nature. Many people devote themselves to flower-power-down-gun-barrels4the pursuit of peace, hoping against hope that someday man will coexist with man in peace and harmony.  We salute those people for their hard work and devotion to such a cause, and we shower them with tributes and remembrances after their deaths. Even though they had some effect, in some cases in a grand way, they can’t change human nature.

I think many world leaders live with the delusion that they are the ones to make things happen when so many others have failed. John Kerry is a good example.  Somehow, their strength of will and the cult of personality that surrounds them, will be the impetus that makes all cultures and religions hold hands, then lay down their arms. Not going to happen! Man has been killing his brother for as long as man has been around. Countless wars in the name of religion have left the bones of millions bleaching in the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I think we should strive to live peacefully with our neighbors by minding our own business, and ask the same in return.  Stop trying to be the worlds “Police” department.  But we also need to be prepared to deal with those who only want their religion or way of life on this planet, and are willing to kill and be killed to bring it about. If you don’t see that in today’s headlines you are just kidding yourself.

hqdefaultThere are always going to be radicals in every group, be it religion, political or even social groups. Many times the most vocal are also the most persuasive. Many will flock to the voice of one who speaks to their fears or perceived needs, drawn in by the false hope of promises made to garner votes, loyalty, financial gain and even control over others lives. It’s the story of man, the strong prey on the weak. There’s no way around it.

Hitler gained total domination over an entire country, killed over 5.5 million Jews, even took over control of half of Europe.  Pol Pot killed an estimated 1 to 3 million in Cambodia in just 4 years.  Stalin killed an unknown number of his own citizens, and Jim Jones convinced 918 people to poison themselves and their own children.  History is replete with people who have tried to force their will on the masses, all with terrible results.  No ban on guns, no legislation, no court of law will ever stop these things as long as man is on this earth.  Try as we might to stop terrorism, and we will try, the next mass murder plan is rattling around in some psycho’s head even now.

5070750353_ebf9ba5bb7_mSo what can we do?  How do we stop all the violence?  Do we become an isolationist country, stop all immigration and go back to making everything for ourselves here in the US?  That might solve the unemployment problem!  Should we start profiling anyone with middle eastern decent, and anyone who has come here from those countries?  Should we send more troops out to stop the killers before they come here?  I think many are already here.

Oh sure we can ban this type of gun, stop this or that group from coming here, but I think it’s already to late for actions as ineffectual as that.  Knee jerk and feel good legislation will do nothing to stem the flow of hatred for us.  Childish sit-ins in congress show how little our elected officials understand or can agree on.  I think many of the world leaders of today have been looking through rose colored glasses to long, and those who want to destroy our way of life have been hard at work planning ahead.  I think it has come to our shores whether we want to admit it or not.  Call it what you like, workplace violence, lone wolf, domestic terrorism, but it all has a common thread.

hurricanekatrinaThere are those here that think building a bunker in a very remote area, hording food guns and ammo is the answer.  In some cases I think it borders on paranoia!  They watched to many zombie movies!  Other people seem to go through life without a care, no thought to the simplest what if’s like no power, no gas, or no transportation.  No phones, no food, no water, no way to get help.  All these things could and have happened just from a storm like Katrina.

How many could have fared better from a little preparedness?  How many were injured or died because they could not defend themselves from looters?  A few bottles of water, some freeze dried food and a simple handgun would have been a good plan.  No need for an arsenal, 100 years of food and steel plates for the doors.  Maybe just a plan of where to go, what to bring, along with family and friends that know your plan and route.  Something as simple as that could save your life.


I have a simple plan.  I have a few guns, and I know how to use them safely.  I will buy my sailboat and plan where to go in case of storms, what to do in case of food or water shortages, who to contact by radio to offer help, or to ask for help if needed.  A plan to reach my family if their in trouble.  A way to bring them to my boat if that’s the best idea.  Simple things can go a long way to insuring you come through any disaster relatively unscathed.  I’m not a doomsday nut, I just want to be a good boy scout and be prepared!

You can choose to think I’m a little crazy, maybe a little unhinged.  I think history has shown us that if we place our trust in someone or something else for our safety, we may end up disappointed or dead.  You can place your trust in the government, FEMA and local fire and police agencies.  Hopefully they can get you the help you might need.  Myself, I will choose a path that’s clear, I will choose freewill!




6 thoughts on “I Will Choose Freewill

  1. People who choose to rely on the government are exercising their free will to give up the will of self sufficiency.. If being prepared for the unexpected is being a nutter, then I’m in the club too 😁

    So much crap in the news, with crappy coverage.. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to offer common sense middle ground solutions.. All solutions offered up are extremes of both ends..

    Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, profiling has its place.. That’s doesn’t mean all others should be excluded from scrutiny when going thru a TSA line or while a visa application is being processed, but closer scrutiny should be deemed through profiling common sense red flags.

    Free trade.. What a joke.. The treaties need serious revisions on import/export.. The balance is only in big business and 3rd world countries favor.. But to cut off the treaties completely is insane..

    Bottled water, the knowledge to purify water, forest food foraging knowledge and how to make an emergency shelter would carry people through most any disaster or national emergency.. Even Central Park has food growing if you know what’s edible and what’s not. Water, food and shelter are responsibilities we each should take charge of in every situation.. Helping one another makes it all the easier and more comfortable..

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    1. Unfortunately one side effect of more welfare is more dependence on government. If we ever have a real and sustained country wide crisis, get ready for major looting. I for one am not going to loose everything to someone who made no preparations. I don’t mind sharing what I have, I’m just not going to give it to anyone!

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      1. When I mean help one another, the spirit of it is a 2 way street, not necessarily in real time.. One moment I may have all abundance that I share with others who do not.. In a different moment the roles could be reversed.. The spirit of holding each other up..

        My view of the government welfare, is that its a blueprint for breeding entitlement and breeding contempt for anyone who has anything not government given..

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  2. Bravo! Well said, my friend. Such a terribly F&^%ed up world we live in. I’m with you and Free Will! (I have always admired the phenomenally talented “Rush”). Truly well written. Ziggy gives you two paws up. 🙂

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