Time For Another Walk Vinny

IMG_5190 (Large)

Since I’m going to have to sit here in Eau Clair Wisconsin for the next 4 hours to get loaded, due to a broker error, the nice ladies at the shipping office suggested I take Vinny for a walk along the Eau Clair river right next door.  The shipper is in a historical building that used to be a tire factory, a munitions plant, and then a tire plant again.  It’s now a mixed use building with light industrial manufacturing, commercial warehousing, service, retail, public/private offices, self-storage, and luxury warehouse style residential apartments.  Here’s a full history if your interested.

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You couldn’t ask for better weather, 71 degrees, mostly sunny, a light breeze and NO BUGS!  We go down the steps to the “Old Abe Trail” that runs beside the river.  According to Wikipedia, “The name commemorates Old Abe, a bald eagle that was captured in 1861 by Ahgamahwegezhig, a Native American man, near the South Fork of the Flambeau River. At Jim Falls, which is on the trail, he sold the eagle to tavern keeper Daniel McCann, who in turn sold it to soldiers of the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Old Abe became their mascot, who accompanied them during many battles of the American Civil War.”

IMG_5196 (Large)

It’s a peaceful walk down the trail.  Many wildflowers are in bloom, the birds are singing, and Vinny is busy sniffing EVERYTHING!  It must be good to be a dog, with the right owner of course!  No cares, no worries, just play and eat and enjoy all life has to offer.  As humans, we have to take what we can get, savor every moment of comfort.  Take a moment to SEE what’s right in front of us.

IMG_5195 (Large)

IMG_5201 (Large)

IMG_5202 (Large)

As I walk further down the trail, I see an old trestle bridge.  Its now being used as a pedestrian bridge across the river.  Here’s a few pictures of the view.

IMG_5175 (Large)

IMG_5176 (Large)

IMG_5182 (Large)

IMG_5184 (Large)

IMG_5186 (Large)

IMG_5189 (Large)



IMG_5191 (Large)

All in all, not a bad way to waste some time.  Because I’m saving every penny for my future sailboat, I have to find priceless moments and capture them on film, to wile away the time until I reach my goal.  When that day comes, the photo’s will only get better.  Right Vinny?

IMG_5194 (Large)


17 thoughts on “Time For Another Walk Vinny

  1. Were you picking up a load or on a mini vacation ? 😁
    Heck you had a nice time in fresh air and great climate, for free.. We all have spent money for far less entertainment.. I agree with Poorman sailing, there’s a lot of professional pics that wouldn’t hold a candle to your hobby.. Maybe someday could be sooner with your photos making you closer to your dream.. I don’t know how to get into freelance photography but I bet you could find good info right here on wordpress with photography bloggers 👍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome ! I wouldn’t have thought of that..
        I was thinking more of travel brochures and magazines.. You’ve got a great camera and eye for catching elements people like me don’t..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like a nice spot! Your posts are always so nice to read and I love your adventures! Maine is rainy today but we really need it! Stay well… Woof

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well hello Isabel! Nice to hear from a fellow Mainah! I heard it was raining up there this morning when I talked to my mom. Most people don’t know summer is the dry season in Maine, and that’s part of what makes summers so great!


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