Stormy Day

Today I drove through parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.  Part of the drive was one of my favorite routes along Interstate 77 over the mountains from West Virginia into Virginia. I did a post about Beckley Travel Plaza on this route here.  As I started to crest the mountains, I saw a storm ahead of me.

IMG_5409 (Large)

Okay, so much for a peaceful ride!

IMG_5411 (Large)

Looking rather ominous as I crest the hill!

IMG_5439 (Large)

It looks like I could just reach up and touch the clouds!

IMG_5465 (Large)

Well, my truck is covered with bugs, so I get a free wash! (See the rainbow?)

IMG_5493 (Large)

And a free light show!  If you look close, it looks like the rainbow actually touches the road!  Once in a lifetime shot!

IMG_5500 (Large)


5 thoughts on “Stormy Day

  1. I’m back from a slightly crazy trip to France and Britain …. I wasn’t really able to keep up properly with you so I just wanted to say that as ever your words and pictures have proved a tonic to me. In this post the pictures of cloud build up are right up my street – I simply love weather. Though I sometimes eat my words if I’m out in the worst of it 😉

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