A Walk By The Pond

Beside a small pond at the TA truck stop, Willington Connecticut. I love my camera!

IMG_5576 (Large)


17 thoughts on “A Walk By The Pond

  1. Was there yesterday lol.. That is a great shot, every section of wing in the finest detail 👌
    .. I’ve noticed a lot more dragonflies this year than in my 3 summers up here.. But they need to eat more skeeters ! I found a great repellent for black flies and mosquitos at Auchoban Hardware.. White Mountain and it’s deet free.. it has cedar oil, mint oil, citronella oil and corn oil.. The cashier told me to put a spot on each ankle, wrist and behind my ears.. It worked better than anything I’ve tried yet.. I put some on Stewie because the flying pests were having a feast and it worked.. No black flies got either of us and just a few mosquito bites on me..

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      1. You photo stalker 😂

        Stewie didn’t have any sensitivity to the stuff but I’d do a small spot test on Vinny first.. and I didn’t put it on Stewie’s skin, just behind his neck like I do with Frontline.. Let me know how it works for you two.. It lasts about 6 hrs, if you’re not sweating.. and it doesn’t take but a dot for each place you dab it on.. The bottle is tiny and will fit in your pocket too..

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