Where Does Their Moral Compass Point?

What evil hides in the heart of man, what scourge of deed released on the weak in the name of verse.  Through the passing of eons millions have died, all in the name of a prophet or sage.  Domination of others, even of like mind, only for the gain of a few.  The elixir of control brings the strongest of cruelty from their depraved minds.  Though evil is apparent, in full view of all, many cry out for calm and understanding.

All do not share in these deeds, blame cannot be blanketed.  Yet as a whole, they stand by as sons and daughters are perverted in their thoughts, groomed for future death by their own hands.  Never do they voice as one, never do they purge their twisted brethren from their midst.  Where does their moral compass point?

Shall we stand by as thousands die, sacrificed to a viewpoint shared by the few?  Shall we restrict them to their homelands and allow hatred to grow, the strong to succeed?  Words and kind deeds allow some to feel empowered, giving strength to ideals.  Words and deeds mean nothing to those who want only power, a sign of weakness to those who want control over all.

To those who say we must do something, we must have compassion for those who suffer.  We must at least try to find common ground, a way to comfort the weak.  Bring them here they say, show them the kindness of a civilized society.  Yet thousands sleep in the streets that we don’t help, millions have no work to sustain a meager lifestyle and must rely on the taxes of others.

To the politicians I say, what about us?  What about those that make this country work?  What about OUR poor huddled masses?  Shall we continue to allow thousands to cross the border unchecked?  Who is supporting them?  What are they going to contribute to this country?  What’s the magic number?  How many can we sustain through the sweat of those who pay in?  How much more debt can this country carry before we collapse?  Where does your moral compass point?




13 thoughts on “Where Does Their Moral Compass Point?

  1. Charity begins at home they say and I adhere to that. We can’t fix others issues if we are ignoring our own. It is like the person who is always on hand to lend an ear to others whilst leaving their own house and family to disintegrate. I do believe that we, the big players in the West, need to butt out of problems that have nothing to do with us. I do believe that we have created many of those issues – why were we interfering in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc ad nauseum. We create the fear. We create the issues and then we feel we have to mop up. I am a highly compassionate person as you know but I do believe that in this country there is so much disenchantment because people are struggling to find work, to keep a roof, to put food on the table whilst they look on and see people from other countries pouring in and being given status that puts them ahead in the queue. It isn’t right. I do not think that building a wall or banning a whole religion is the solution but I can understand why people might align to it. For me what really needs to happen here is that a party shows a solid front so that it can lead towards unity in the country. And stop interfering. Having a huge army does not bring riches it brings death and destruction and heartbreak.

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    1. I agree banning a religion is a poor idea. Banning all immigration until problems with control of the border and maybe a clarification of the laws seems like a good idea to me. We can’t have a safe country if we cant control who is crossing our borders.

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  2. Good Morning W.G. & Vinny…I hope you’re cool with the fact that I reblogged you??? This is so right on the money,and so well written! Thank you (once again)…You just spoke volumes about our immigration problems, our homeless problems etc. These are the immigration issues that keep getting glossed over. I have worked or volunteered at at least 6 homeless shelters/organizations thus, I have seen first hand the myriad of issues which our MILLIONS of US Citizens who are homeless suffer from. This should be our PRIORITY, yet our government would rather allow our borders to be removed and continue to ignore the growing number of American Citizens in desperate need of assistance while allowing an influx of undocumented refugees to further deplete our seriously deficient human resource support programs! Many have claimed that we (The USA) are humanitarians, who need to help these poor refugees? Good God America, have you got blinders on as you drive through your cities and towns? The outpouring of support should be for our unemployed and/or homeless Veterans, our families living on the streets, our mentally ill who have no resources to provide assistance!

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    1. Unfortunately, we are the ones that keep voting there idiots in that only really care a bout how they look politically and their standing for the next election. There’s 2 things this country desperately needs…a balanced budget amendment and term limits for all federally elected officials.


      1. What WE really need to do is to Stand Together As One Nation-and make our government OURS again! Stop allowing these corrupt politicians to DIVIDE us. We are all Human Beings-despite our color, religion, race etc. We, as American Citizens need to stop listening to the bought and paid for media propaganda designed to divide our nation, and start using our brains to think for ourselves and discern the truth about what is being fed to us. I refuse to hate. Period.

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