I Am Not Politically Correct…And I Don’t Care

Given the currant state of our political system, and the obvious slant to the left that the media uses to portray anything Republican or conservative in nature, I thought this post was even more relevant now then when I first wrote it. I guarantee a different light will be used next week for the Democrat convention.

I also want to see how many people consider what Ive said, maybe have a conversation about it, or will I here crickets like my last post. The real problem in this country is people wont actually talk about anything even though both sides say thats all they want! We shall see…

Weird Guy With The Dog

I think this one post will make or break my blog, and I don’t care. I realized the other day that I was doing something I told myself never to do. I am trying to fit in with others instead of being myself. As I read comments on other blogs, I saw people stroking each others egos with compliments like “Well said”, or “Beautiful words” and the like. To me, the posts read like they sat down with the dictionary, and tried to cram as many obscure words into one post as they could, showing the world their complete grasp of the English language but saying nothing. I’m going to write like the laymen I am, and this post will be all me, like it or not.

I’m really tired. Tired of people being “Offended” over even the smallest slight, intentional or not. No one is willing to truly talk…

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34 thoughts on “I Am Not Politically Correct…And I Don’t Care

  1. I have re-read my original reply to this post and I stand by every word (including pulling your leg about being the girl who swallowed a dictionary). I will add something though. What I have recently started saying to people is that in the quest to be politically correct we are actually causing bigger problems. We are dividing and sub-dividing and we are focussing on issues that don’t even exist and that people can perfectly well work out for themselves given the chance. For instance gender specific toilets. In France many public toilets are unisex. We just get on with it. If you don’t like it you can hold on or pee in a bush. No-one has the time nor the inclination to get het up. By the way in England if you are disabled you will find that you have a unisex disabled toilet or the women’s will be designated to handicapped as well and there will be facilities that are appropriate to the disabled which ladies will use too. Having worked for many years for a gentleman with primary progressive multiple schlerosis who had to use handicapped toilets and who was truly a man’s man and never EVER made a fuss I really feel that pandering to minorities and forgetting that you are therefore alienating the majority is foolhardy and it is that which is feeding the powder keg in the US and Europe which is likely to ignite in a very scary way if we don’t actually start listening to the shouts of that big forgotten and increasingly disenfranchised people who don’t fit into any of the colour, mobility, gender or any other niche because by an accident of birth they are (like my husband) white, middle class, educated and straight.

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    1. Well said! Enough with this pandering to anyone with the slightest grievence, my poor hurt feelings, etc… If I write a post about birds and trees I get a huge response saying how nice or great pictures. If I write from the heart about concerns of how porous our borders are, how anyone can just walk right in, concern for our homeless and our veterans all I hear is crickets! Im tired of many in this country trying to shame the majority into thinking they are wrong about everything. Im tired of the bleeding hearts trying to tell me how to feel about their causes. Im a good person. Im not a racist. I dont care if your gay or straight. If you treat me with respect you will get the same in return. Simple as that. I understand not everyone thinks this way, but you cant legislate polite, you cant force everyone to agree. Some people just suck! Welcome to mankind.

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      1. I just read our interaction on this to my husband. He has tears in his eyes and says ‘I like him’. I knew he would. You see there are many bad things in this world. You are not one of them. Just a guy trying to live a life without being made to feel responsible for or guilty about others issues. And without being made to feel guilty that you are simply a bloke, who works hard and has a simple dream. We are both waving you on. But like me, it is best not to rant too often in this hemisphere for risk of being branded. When we meet we can put it all to rights 🙂

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  2. Hi. I think a lot of people (here in the UK as well) are scared to speak their minds. Political correctness is God, and people feel they have to be guarded about what they say for fear of being labelled, racist, sexist etc etc. I know a lot are pissed off about things and the ‘nanny’ state, myself included, but we tend to suffer in silence.

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    1. I dont think speaking ones mind in a respectful way should be anything but constructive. Unfortunatly many strive to surpress our thoughts in the name of fairness or equality. I dont think my posts are disrespectfull, yet I have 136 followers and less then 10 respond. So much for a “conversation” so many hold up as their way of being civil. Where are they when someone who has a different view than them wants to talk about it? Like Cyndi Lauper said, “I see your true colors shining through!”

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  3. For too many years I was rarely allowed my own opinion or followed another’s out of mis-placed loyalty, trying to keep the peace. Ultimately it did no good! Now, I have my own voice again. I didn’t vote in the recent ‘Brexit ‘ referendum, most that voted out were voting purely against immigration. I’m not against immigration, if they contribute something worthwhile, fine. If they just want a free ride, not fine. We have enough natives abusing the benefit/welfare system already.

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    1. Immigration MADE the United States, and I also have no problem with those who wish to be a part of what this country was founded on. Come here the right way, bring your culture and traditions but understand that you will be accepting of our laws, and you will be accepted with open arms.


      1. Ahh, the melting pot the far left loves to promote! Sadly, it was that way here in the past, but now everyone wants to segregate into small areas of there own culture. Was not the equal rights movement meant to do away with that idea?

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  4. It’s always been that immigrants would cluster in areas but what I see different is that many don’t want to embrace America, to be American.. They want to reform America into where they’ve come from, instead of sharing thier culture..

    I’m all for legal immigrants that have been thoroughly vetted in background and health screening..

    As far as politically correct, it is stupid and always has been.. The only way people should coverse, debate, disagree or lobby, is with good Ole fashioned respect.. We all can respectfully disagree..
    Unfortunately many ppl don’t want to be respectful.. Its much easier to point a finger while hiding behind “pc”..

    All pc does is divide people into as many categories of what you should tolerate and/or accept as ok, that’s defined a pc issue.. Makes a hot button that most of the time isn’t relevant to begin with or doesn’t matter if it is.. And has the potential to backfire because it’s unfair..

    My pet peeve of this is “hate crime”..
    Excuse me, but why is it worse for one person to be a victim than another of the same type crime ? It’s senseless and stupid to even think it could be correct..

    If someone is maimed, terrorized or murdered and it’s labeled a hate crime, the sentence is harsher.. So where does that leave the victim or family who suffered the same anguish but the guilty get a lighter sentence, because it’s just not the same not being a hate crime.. That just screams foul in any idea of justice, in my humble opinion.. And we have pc to thank for that miscarriage of justice..

    Guy, your post is as relevant now as then.. Maybe more so because it’s a presidential election year.. But it doesn’t go out of style.. Common sense doesn’t go out of style.. But as with designer dresses, only a minority of the population seems to have any..

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    1. I feel like Beetleguise….my head is spinning around until I reach up and stop it! The best example of media bias is NPR! I cant even listen anymore because its just an arm of far left America. Even Fox is going down the tubes in the other direction. Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him!

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      1. Funny you said that about Fox, My dad and I were agreeing that very point the other day.. They’re becoming just another loose cannon of media bias.. its an embarrassment really, in my opinion, to watch media standards hit rock bottom, across the board..

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      2. You may only have 10 or so of your followers that are willing to get involved in a conversation, but as always, quality over quantity! I follow various Facebook groups and quite often discussions on there degenerate into abusive(even hateful) arguments. Very few seem willing to accept that others may have different viewpoints!

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      3. Your right. Thats why I dropped fakebook! Social media is a joke! Its really just a way for people to crow and insult each other without the risk of a punch in the face! Most of these people would never speak that way to another persons face. I think they are cowards.

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  5. Do you follow the ‘champagne boating on a beer budget’ group on fb? I find it amazing how much of a boat the US$ will buy! Compared to the UK at least. I’ve almost been tempted to save up and come there to buy one and sail it back!

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  6. But then those same elitists on fb would say ‘you can’t do that, you need to do this first etc etc’ Call me reckless, or impulsive or even foolhardy, I really don’t care, I would call it a spirit of adventure in the traditional ‘caution to the wind’ style!

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