Im Stuck!

So much for a nice ride!

Im glad im not outside!

Oh well, Vinny could care less!


13 thoughts on “Im Stuck!

  1. Caption under Vinny: “WTF Dude!” LOL!
    We’re feeling the heat here too. Ziggy’s pissed off because I haven’t run him yet today. They understand so much, yet things like keeping them inside on hot days for their own safety just doesn’t fly! We’re going to the river for his swim in a few…At least we’re not stuck!
    Yikes! Have a beautiful Friday!
    P.S. Ziggy said “Arf” to Vinny (I guess that’s Hi??) smile!

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  2. I love that Americans say ‘could care less’ whereas the English say ‘could NOT care less’ …. it’s a subtle but interesting difference in the language. As for Vinny – he’s chill 🙂

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    1. I’ve always been corrected by ppl that it’s, could care less.. and that has never made sense to me.. pfft.. I still say, couldn’t care less.. because if I could care less, that would mean I care about “it” somewhat.. I stand with the English on this 😤

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