The Right Choice

I wrote this a year ago….I’ve been blogging a year? Wow! It’s one of those thoughts that come back in my mind often, and I’m sure it’s the same for you.

Weird Guy With The Dog

Did I make the right choice?  How many times have you asked yourself that?  Have you ever laid there rethinking it over and over?  Have you ever thought how dumb that question is?  If only hindsight is 20/20, whats the point in asking?  I tend to take my choices, hold them in front of me, then analyze them from every angle until I get lost in the minutia of it all.  Now I put them away on a dusty shelf in my mind only to drag them out later.  I may do this several times trying to make the best decision possible.  But once the choice is made, why do we ask was it the right one?

Agonizing over any decision is an exercise in futility. Only time will tell you if it was the right choice. Or will it?  We take all the information we have, then make a…

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