New lease on life

I first posted this on July 12, 2015. Reading it now is just as powerful to me as it was then. Oh, by the way…that valley was in Wyoming!

Weird Guy With The Dog

My oldest sister just had a brush with death.  She has been having health problems for some time now, culminating in the discovery of two large tumors in her lower abdomen.  The thought was they may be cancer, but as it turns out they were benign.  She has some complications but is recovering at home with the help of her husband.  Some would say she got a new lease on life.

My other sister had a bout with breast cancer not to long ago.  She also recovered, but it could have been much worse.  My grandmother died of cancer and two of my uncles had limbs removed due to diabetes.  Quite a family history.

As I get older, I have started to think about how short our time really is.  I went through a stage of depression and deep regret, followed by the realization I needed to change the path…

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