Road Hazards

Life on the road has it’s challenges. Heavy traffic, crazy drivers, bad weather, wildlife, debris in the road and many other hazards to watch out for.  You really have to pay attention when your driving something that weighs over 20 times as much as the average car.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t avoid everything, and sometimes my tires take a hit.

Have you ever fired a gun at a range?  Remember how it sounded with ear protection on?  That’s the same sound you hear when a tire explodes.  Truck tires are extremely strong, but when they let go it’s quite an event!  Yesterday I heard that sound, looked in my mirrors and saw chunks of rubber flying, cars swerving to avoid them, and dirty looks as they passed.  As if I did it on purpose!  Here’s the aftermath!






Not much left!  All in all, pretty minor problem.  An hour later, back on the road!  Just in time for this picture.



13 thoughts on “Road Hazards

  1. Whoa!! I’m glad the “alligators” didn’t get you! (the term hubby used when referring to the chunks of rubber left after a blow-out on a rig). That may not have been such a big deal, but it certainly looks dangerous! And the sunset was beautiful! ❤

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  2. …And in the end, A Beautiful Sunset..Makes me (almost) believe in the “Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow”.
    Now for my thoughts on those who were so lacking in compassion and understanding: Accidents happen, and You People are lucky that W.G. was able to prevent one, saving YOU from having to learn that first hand. Further, I have this to say to you:
    (I am sticking out my tongue at you as I write this)…But for the Grace of God, there go I!
    also: KARMA IS REAL! You Better Hope it Never Happens To You!
    …and finally, to those who gave dirty looks to someone who was obviously having a REALLY bad day,
    I give you “Two Middle Fingers Up!”
    Have a Blessed Day W.G. “Arf” to Vinny, from “The Big Zig” (Ziggy is really full of himself this week :))


  3. That is a great sunset !
    Ppl gave you dirty looks for that bit of rubber ? 😂

    Yes it’s possible to cause damage but dirty looks should be reserved for whole treads flying or a Super Single that bursts right next to them or right in front of them.. Heck, it scares me when one goes.. Glad you were on the road in an hour and treated to a beautiful sky..

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