Let’s Go To LL Bean Vinny

There are many types of camping.  You can go from traveling in a motor home or pulling a trailer staying at campgrounds, or backpacking with only what you can carry to very remote areas.  I have done both, but I prefer something in between.  Like my friend Miriam at Out an’ About, I like a few “Extras” when I camp, but sleeping in a tent is a big part of the experience.

Today I went to LL Bean in Freeport Maine.  This has been Maine’s premier outdoor store since it’s humble beginnings in 1912 by LL Bean himself.  Here’s part of the story from their website:

llbeanCompany History

Beginnings: 1911 to 1959

In 1911, an avid outdoorsman named Leon Leonwood (L.L.) Bean returned from a hunting trip with cold, damp feet and a revolutionary idea. L.L. enlisted a local cobbler to stitch leather uppers to workmen’s rubber boots, creating a comfortable, functional boot for exploring the Maine woods. This innovative boot – the Maine Hunting Shoe® – changed outdoor footwear forever and began one of the most successful family-run businesses in the country.

L.L. began his business in the basement of his brother’s apparel shop. In 1912, he obtained a mailing list of nonresident Maine hunting license holders and prepared a three-page flyer that boldly proclaimed, “You cannot expect success hunting deer or moose if your feet are not properly dressed. The Maine Hunting Shoe is designed by a hunter who has tramped the Maine woods for the last 18 years. We guarantee them to give perfect satisfaction in every way.” The public could not resist the commonsense logic and genuine enthusiasm of his appeal.

One hundred orders came in for his new product. However, L.L. did not meet with immediate success. The rubber bottoms separated from the leather tops and 90 of those first 100 pairs were returned. Although it nearly put him out of business, L.L. kept his word and refunded the purchase price. He borrowed more money, corrected the problem and, with undiminished confidence, mailed more brochures. L.L. had learned the value of personally testing his products, of honest advertising based on firm convictions and of keeping the customer satisfied at any cost.  (continue reading)

I went here to start outfitting myself for my future camping and blogging adventures.  It’s been many years since I have slept in a tent, but my passion for the outdoors call’s me back.  To me there’s nothing like the sound of wind in the pines, water slapping the shore, a sunrise away from civilization or the haunting call of Loons.  Watch and listen to this video.  They are truly one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.


There’s much to see inside “Beans” as we call it, including two stuffed moose who were found dead in the woods, their antlers forever locked in battle during the “Rut.”

IMG_5692 (Large)

Every imaginable item you can think of for any outdoor sport can be found here.

IMG_5694 (Large)

IMG_5695 (Large)

IMG_5693 (Large)

IMG_5696 (Large)

Here’s what I picked up today:


A Katadyn water purifier.  Pump any lake or stream water through this filter and make it drinkable without boiling.  No more bottled water!


Nesting stainless steel cookware set with cooking utensils and bowls.  Everything fits in large pot for storage.


Six cup stainless steel coffee peculator.  Must have for any campsite!


Durable plastic dinnerware.  No trash to burn of dispose of.


Fry pan for the morning eggs!


Hardened steel tent pegs and waterproof match container.


Double mantle “White Fuel” lantern with hard shell case.  (safer than propane)


And last but not least, a double size sleeping bag rated to 30 degrees, a good 3 season bag.  Best thing about this bag is it’s size when compressed, and the self inflating sleeping pad inserts that go in pouches on the underside!  Much more comfortable and provides an insulating barrier against the cold ground.



A few other things include waterproof bags for the sleeping bag and some clothes and two large water resistant duffel bags for all the gear to keep things organized.  I already have a butane stove, a four man tent and a cooking rack for over the campfire.  My next big purchase will be an “Old Town” canoe.  Here’s a link to this solo canoe.

The reason I go to “Beans” is three fold.  The quality is unparalleled, I’m supporting businesses in Maine, and for the unconditional guarantee they put on everything.  I could rip the sleeping bag 10 years from now, bring it back to the store and they will give me a new one, no questions asked!  How can you top that!

I hope to bring you the incredible beauty of Maine through pictures and video as I continue to save for my future sailboat.

From the coast,



to the mountains,

a (2)

to the pristine wilds of Baxter State Park.


Maine has alot to offer if you just get out and see it!


18 thoughts on “Let’s Go To LL Bean Vinny

  1. Lucky you! I’d love to see the LL Bean store. Your pictures of Maine are stunning. Can’t wait to see where your adventures lead you. Love that you mentioned Miriam’s blog. Her camping pictures are always so great. Can’t wait to see your’s. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m camping at the beginning of September most likely at a campground for the “Shakedown” of my gear, and to help recall what I still need. I meet so many people, and I’m terrible with names, so you’ll have to remind me where we met. (well I feel sheepish!)


  2. I have to admit…LL Bean looks much better in your photos than the catalog I used to get!
    Now on to the WOW pictures of Maine…and I do mean WOW! I have (sadly) not traveled much in my life…too much wasted time being wasted…and when I see pictures with such majestic natural beauty, I kick myself in the ass (with regret for the years wasted)There are only a handful of places that I would like to visit on the East Coast (none of which are the big cities)you have just given me one more to add to my “Before I die, I hope to….” list. For that, I thank you! Hope all is well in your world..give a high four to Vinny (from Ziggy)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You should be working for the Tourism Department, great job. 🙂 It looks as though you’re all set to hit the camping grounds, you’re totally kitted out with the essentials, well done. Can’t wait to read about all your adventures. Oh, and thanks for the mention. Enjoy it all my friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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