I Hear You Ziggy! Been There, Done That

Happy and I’m smiling,
Walking miles to drink your water.
You know I’d love to love you,
And above you there’s no other.

We’ll go walking out
While others shout of war’s disaster.

Oh, we won’t give in,
Let’s go living in the past.

Once I used to join in,
Every boy and girl was my friend.
Now there’s revolution, but they don’t know
What they’re fighting.

Let us close out eyes,
Outside their lives go on much faster.

Oh, we won’t give in,
We’ll keep living in the past.

Living In The Past – Jethro Tull

Life can be full of regrets.  Many time I have fallen into the pit of despair living in the past, the whole “hindsight is 20/20 thing.  Great idea for a song, poor idea for life.  You have to let go what’s done in one way, but remember the lesson from it.  If you repeat the same mistake you are either insane or blind, maybe both!

This post is in response to a post from “Ziggy Speaks“, a new blogger I follow.  I think she found me due to our love of dogs, and she writes from her dogs point of view quite often.  We seem to have much in common as far as past life experiences, and I can relate to what she is feeling.

What I have to say to her is, remember the past as life lessons, not regrets.  Remember you are who you are due to them.   Focus on what you can do now with the lessons learned.  You can’t make up for everything so do the best you can to not repeat the mistakes and live your life to it’s fullest.  Never give up on your dream!

Oh, when you come to Maine, here’s some of what I will show you!  Every photo was taken by me over the past few years.  Some pics are not so great but they represent well.


13 thoughts on “I Hear You Ziggy! Been There, Done That

  1. Ziggy and I thank you form the bottom of our hearts. I hope to one day get to Maine… It is beautiful, to say the least. I wanted to let you know that it means a great deal to me to meet kindred spirits (online and in person) as I walk on my path through this life. Thank you Oh Kindred One! Now just to clarify one thing… I make it a point not to have any regrets per se in my life. I have this crazy notion that should I die today, I will be free to move on without saying to myself (or to St. Peter, or God…)”I wish I had”. I do kick myself in the ass though, which may seem to be a regret, but to me is a “see what you could have been doing then ya big dummy” thing. As of this moment, I am still breathing, and as such can still look forward to traveling and can still hope to meet you in person one day, my friend and have you and Vinny share the beauty of Maine with us! I am blessed by all of the events that I have had in my life. Even those I thought were tragic or horrible at the time have (in retrospect) all been to the greater good and have created the wonderfully kind, loving and compassionate whom writes this to you today. I have found such a zest for life and for the living through my many struggles and many sorrows. It’s a bizarre contrast but as it has been said, through pain, we find healing, through suffering, we learn to love. Life is such a precious gift to me, as long as I live in the present and as long as I never forget the gifts I have been given in the past! You are a doll! Thank you again! Have a Blessed day (know that you have brought joy to this woman!) Smiling! High four to your little dude from my little dude! Expect a miracle, my friend!!

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