It’s Late, And I’m Tired


It’s 8 pm and Ive been up since 3 am this morning.  I’m here in Columbia SC to pick up my next load after delivering my last one just outside Atlanta.  I left Maine on Sunday about 11 am, took an easy ride to Atlanta due to a change in delivery time, (12 hours later than scheduled) and then drove here.  I will get loaded then spend the night here.  Tomorrow I will start back to Maine with my load of dry pasta, and arrive in South Portland late in the day Thursday.  Such is the life of a truck driver.

img_6621-largeI took Vinny for a walk after backing in a door, and snapped off a couple pictures while he did his “Business.”  It’s strange how the lights in this lot give an almost amber hue to everything.  I find it quite soothing and surreal, a strange sense of calm comes over me.  My day is about over, and thoughts of sleep begins to crowd my mind.  Most truckers can fall asleep at the drop of a hat!  We train ourselves to do so as it’s a great help to sometimes stop during the day for a “Power Nap” of a half hour or so.  That short rest is all I need some days to ward off the afternoon drag.

Last night I met a young couple also driving.  They had a couple dogs also, so it was doggie playtime at the Flying J!  It’s always fun to watch unfamiliar dogs play together.  Vinny is always ready to make new friends.

I notice how much Vinny is slowing down.  He’s not as playful as he used to be, and he tires quite easily.  I think this will be his last fall and winter.  I remember how much trouble he had last winter with the cold, and I’m not sure how he will do this year.  He’s been with me since he was very young, and it will be a very hard day when he’s gone.

We took a walk up a hill behind the truck stop and found more evidence of people living in the surrounding area.  They pull the old used mattresses out of the dumpster and drag them into the brush to sleep on.  I don’t think they realize how quickly they will start to mold, and most are abandoned shortly.

Vinny turns around quickly and I see what he’s looking at.  A deer!  We must have startled her while she was munching on new shoots coming up from the freshly mowed field.  I always find it amazing how adaptive animals are to any given situation.


Well, my loading is complete and it’s time to find a quiet spot on the lot and get some sleep.  I should cover 650 miles tomorrow, and 500 on Thursday.  Once this load is done, who knows where I’ll go next!


10 thoughts on “It’s Late, And I’m Tired

  1. It’s not an easy life, yours but the rewards for a man smart enough to see the beauty and value in small and simple pleasures is incalculable. You know Vinny might yet surprise you. My mother has a history of long living dogs and her last one (she refused to replace him which saddens me greatly) was nicknamed ‘The indestructible Josh Machine’ …. Josh came to her when he was maybe 18 months but possibly as old as 3 and just kept on and on. We lost count of how many winters but every single one of the last few seemed like his last. I wish you the same with Vinny. I can’t imagine losing The Bean and I know your bond is the same with your best friend. Hugs to you both on that highway somewhere south or north of me.

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    1. I think the bond i have with dogs can be stronger than with people. Its simpler and kinder with dogs. Never judgemental or jealous, always joy and happiness. Must be a woman out there line that! On a side note…been having trouble with posts on the reader showing up in the past instead of present. Look back in time for a couple i think you missed. Maine humor and im wide awake. I think you will like them!

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      1. You need a woman who feels the same way. I’d apply but I’m taken. I’m not much find of people, prefer dogs for all the reasons you give. I was amazed when I found myself looking at a man that had the same attitude although he hadn’t had a dog since childhood. Now he has me and The Bean! If there was a kindred for me there’s one for you. I know it and so does Vinny. I’ll check out those posts …. The reader drives me bonkers on occasion!

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