I Can Do This…But How?

Should I go through the hassle of starting a non profit organization?  Will other Veterans organizations work with me if I don’t?  Should I just try to secure direct food, fuel or other non cash donations?  Should I start a “GoFundMe” page and see what happens?  Maybe it’s a combination of all, I’m not sure.  I will pursue this topic with my lawyer when I get back to Maine soon.  (I’m sitting at a TA truckstop in Springfield MO!)

A fellow blogger and sailor named Chad at Live Free 2 Sail Fast asked me about my plans and the boats I’ve been looking at, so here goes!  The plan started as just an idea one day, a way to honor my dad and help veterans with PTSD find the close bonds with their children that I missed out on.

P753Our service men and women paid dearly for their commitment to this country and our way of life, and sometimes they did not receive the support they needed when the job was done.  I’ve seen first hand what PTSD can do to a person, the toll it takes on their soul.  My father saw things no person should have to see. He left the US a young man, full of life and hope for the future.  He volunteered willingly in an effort to do his part.  He came back physically from Korea, but left part of himself behind.  Too this day he carries the emotional scars of what happened, he relives it every night.

All gave some, some gave all.

As a young boy I didn’t understand what was wrong.  All I knew was he didn’t seem to have much time for me.  Part of it was his upbringing, his father never spent much time with him either, but I think most of it was the undiagnosed PTSD.  From what I’ve read the lack of a deep connection to family is not an uncommon problem.

img_6537-largeMost veterans were never given the help they really needed after the war.  They were just sent home with a pat on the back and $100.00.  Our duty to our veterans didn’t stop when the war ended, it only just began. It’s so wrong on many levels to have a person thrust into a life or death situation, kill or be killed on a daily basis, only to come home with no support for the absolute devastation of the mind that comes from combat.

The VA is much better now at diagnosing and treating PTSD than years past, but there’s always room for improvement.  If I can do a small part, give a veteran the chance to spend some time together with their child in a safe and secure environment, I will be in some small way connecting with my dad.  As an adult I know he loved me in his own way.  He never wanted me to feel so alone as a child, he just couldn’t see his way through the aftermath of his wartime experiences.  “I just want you to know I don’t blame you dad, I just wish I had gained this understanding sooner so I could have helped you more. “

That is the basic plan and the reasoning behind it Chad, and thank you for asking!  Now on to the boat!  It’s well known in the boating industry that New England is one of the best areas to purchase a used sailboat.  The simple reasoning is first the amount of boats in the area along with the fact that used boats in this area are in much better shape because they only spend 5 or 6 months a year in the water.  Boats pulled out every year tend to have better maintenance histories.  Another factor is the winds off the east coast are milder than other areas so the sails last longer.

Here’s a few examples of boats for sale in New England right now.  They are all production boats as customs are WAY out of my price point!  Click on the link beside each photo for full info.


Pearson 36 Cutter (367)
$36,500    This is a Pearson 367 Cutter and would be my second choice.  Only 49 of these boats were produced and almost all are still sailing.  Many have circumnavigated the globe.  They are very stout and sturdy boats and would make a fine vessel for sailing the coast.


Camper & Nicholson 35
$37,999    This is a world class cruising boat!  Camper & Nicholson have been building sailboats since 1821 so I think they have it figured out by now!


pan-oceanic-38Pan Oceanic 38
$29,000    Pan Oceanic 38.  I absolutely LOVE this boat and would be my first choice!!!  It’s even for sale 12 miles from the home base of the company I drive for!  Perhaps as few as 10 of these were built, not even the designer knows for sure.  They were built in the Philippines and have cruised the globe many times.  It’s been on the market for quite awhile and my thoughts are that it’s in bad shape and would require alot of work to be made into a viable candidate.  If it’s still on the market when I have the funds, I will definitely take a look!  One can only hope!


S2 11.0A
$29,500    This is a S2 11.0a.  I have shown pics of a sister boat before but this one is for sale in Maine and would be my 3rd choice.  This is the one you liked before Chad!  Great interior, easy handling, and plenty of room for guests.  Every review I have read about these boats has been positive.

capital-gulf-32Capital Gulf 32
$29,500   Another boat I really like!!!  Capital Gulf 32.  Very sturdy with helm controls inside and out…great for Maine’s crazy weather!  It’s a little small but I think it would do the job.


Bristol 31.1
$27,500    Bristol 31.1.  The smallest boat I’ve shown you but a very well built one.  This is another boat that has sailed around the world.  You cant say much more about a boat than that!


Though I would prefer the larger boats, the smaller ones are workable.  Smaller boats are less costly in the long run also.  It all depends on how much money I can put aside over the next 2 years or so.  No matter what, it needs to be a boat I can live on, my “Tiny House” on the sea.  I can do this because I have the will.  I have overcome much worse in my life and I am determined to make a difference in someone else’s.


12 thoughts on “I Can Do This…But How?

  1. I liked the article and reflagged it, I think this is an important subject that should be tackled head-on. I like your choices. My first choice would also be the Pan-Oceanic 38 as long as it’s seakindly enough to be single handed and you have an auto pilot. Looks like a great price for an “86”. All of these are decent boats and I think you’ll do fine with any of them.

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  2. I’m no expert when it comes to sailing boats, far from it, but it sounds like you’re doing a fair bit of research so I have little doubt you’ll make the right choice.Personally I’d say go for something a bit bigger if you’re going to be living in it and if you’re capable of doing some maintenance all the better.
    As for funding it, yes I think a combination of a all three could work for you. I’m so excited for you. The beginning of fulfilling your dream. 🙂

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  3. The boats I can just sit back and watch and listen to the wisdom of others. I am n o expert. The Non Profit, Charity whatever you want to label it (and that depends partly on where you come from) is another matter. I do understand marketing and I do understand fundraising. My view is that you need first to have other Veteran organisations on side. YOu don’t necessarily have to work with them per se but you can piggy back on their reputation and reputation cuts out a huge amount of the grunt work in the early stages of a new charity. YOu need to see where you fit in their puzzle – what you are bringing to the table that is new and what your USP is. That’s pretty easy to figure – you are niching to PTSD and to the children of those effected. YOu are aiming to make something that helps bring fathers and sons together. I think that ‘Sail my Way’, ‘Cast Adrift’, ‘Fair Winds’ (some of the ideas I have had for naming your venture) has got real legs. Sea legs. And I think you will find that by approaching existing Veteran Organisations you will get a commitment to help you. Certainly you can set up a Go Fund Me Page but you need to have a solid mission statement, short, medium and long term goals and a name before you do that. And you need to draw on Social Media – this blog but also a FaceBook Page and Twitter (God Save us but it is important) and Instagram would be vital I think. Pinterest possibly …. a Board for the boards and the places would excite many. And a small slew of Hashtags too. And don’t be afraid to ask Politicians and Celebrities for help. Do some research into those that represent and see who may have a personal interest. The sons and daughters of those who have served are a good place to start. You can do this. I want to help you achieve it ⛵️

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