The Woods Of Maine

Fall is a great time to be in Maine. Let’s go for a walk Vinny!

This trail is behind Cole Farms restaurant in the town of Gray Maine, the same town I grew up in. This trail will be under a foot of snow soon.


Vinny had a great time with all the smells.


No matter where you go in Maine you will find a stone wall or two in the woods. Many, many years ago they were used to mark property boundaries.


It’s the end of the day so the sun looks great shining through the trees.

There are remnants of past logging. The old tree stumps slowly decay and provide nutrients for the new trees.

Does this tree look funny? If you cut it down you would find barbed wire deep inside it. I’m sure there was a pasture with cows and horses here at one time.

We walked into a little clearing and found a stand of paper birch trees.

Another thing you always find is boulders of various sizes. Thousands of years ago Maine was covered by a glacier during the last ice age. As it retreated millions of rocks of all sizes were deposited on the landscape.


We climbed up this little hill on the way back. You can just see the truck through the trees.



OK Vinny, were home!



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