Dad, I Wish This Was You

I saw this on a news website and I had to share it. My father always wanted another Harley Davidson, but his responsibility to the family made it impossible. I only wish I could have made his wish come true like this guy did for his dad.


13 thoughts on “Dad, I Wish This Was You

  1. Oh, you made me cry!!! He drove it away in his furry slippers… On her last Christmas, we took my mum out to look for a winter coat. She fell in love with one that was circa $350 (it was in Scotland). My lovely husband bought it for her and she loved it. It was winter white wool and she looked great in it. She died within two weeks of Christmas but I will always remember how much she loved it. What was worse or better, perhaps, is that I would never have spent the money. He beloved son in law made the decision. Now I am crying again. If you don’t go on EHarmony and find a nice girl, I will come up to Maine and slap you!!!

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