Tanker skids off highway, explodes in Baltimore

Authorities say two people were killed and more than a dozen were injured when a gas tanker skidded off an interstate highway in Baltimore and exploded. Baltimore City Fire Chief Roman Clark said the tanker fell over the jersey wall on Interstate-95 and burst into flames early Saturday. Clark said there was also pileup involving 55 vehicles. He said it’s unclear whether the pileup started before the tanker crash or was caused by the incident. Clark says 15 people were taken to the hospital. Scores of traffic accidents were being reported across the region due to slick roads. Clark said the roads were very icy, but it’s too early to say what caused the tanker to careen off the highway.

The title for this post and the information above was copied directly from the Fox News website. I thought it a fitting introduction for how dangerous it was today driving from southern New Jersey to Lewiston Maine. It’s only 423 miles on the odometer, but it took me almost 11 hours to drive it. That’s an average of 40 miles per hour on highways designed for 65.


My first rest stop was 3 hours into my day at a service plaza on I95 in Connecticut. I had just driven up the New Jersey Turnpike, over the George Washington Bridge and about 20 miles into Connecticut. It was 7:30 am when I took these first pictures.



Revived with my Egg McMuffin and Dunkin Donuts coffee, I continued up I95 until I91, then turned north towards Hartford. The storm was quite intense at this point with many cars off the road. (Remember safety conscious people…I only hold the camera up and snap off shots. I’m very safe.)




Once I made the turn east on I84 to go to Massachusetts, the road conditions declined further as it was now freezing rain on top of the snow. About 20 miles later all traffic was stopped due to several trucks that did not make it up a hill. Many times people slow down in front of trucks and we lose our momentum. Once that happens we may not be able to climb the hill.


Once in Massachusetts the temperature climbed and the precipitation changed to rain.  Just when I thought I could make up a little time, I got stuck behind the snowplows!


It sure was a great feeling to see the Maine New Hampshire bridge! 80 miles to go Vinny!



Now that my day is over safely I want to take a moment to think about the people who will not see their loved ones come through the door tonight. Remember the ones who will spend the night in the hospital due to a traffic crash. I want to take a moment to remind you to give us more room. We can’t stop like you can. We can’t maneuver like you can. The last thing we want is to get into a crash, we have loved ones to.



14 thoughts on “Tanker skids off highway, explodes in Baltimore

  1. Horrific, the accident. And it is good that you post reminders of the dangers inherent to road travel. None know it better than you guys. It does seem that I have dodged the bullet by leaving on 1st December (for this year at least) …. here in France, though they had plenty of snow in November for now we have crispy frosts and bright blue skies but no blizzards. It’ll change of course but for now The Bean and I are content to breath the snow-free air hoping it holds off for us to drive to England on Tuesday night and back again on New Years Eve. After that … let it throw its worst. Stay safe my friend, stay very safe.

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  2. Take care on those roads (if they’re wet or iced over or snow packed). You carry very precious cargo. We’re having “record” low temperatures in Utah, but thankfully the snow has mostly melted. It’s still dangerous because of the ice though (which to me is more deadly than snow…you can SEE the snow after all). And people seem to lose their common sense when driving in bad weather. It might have been annoying at the time, but those plows were probably a God send. Take care as you travel this Holiday Season…we want to keep reading about the adventures of the “Weird Guy with the Dog”!

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