It’s Christmas In Maine

I started today just east of Harrisburg Pa, drove to Lewiston Maine and dropped the load I had on. I then drove to Bethel Maine to pick up the next one. By the time I arrived I did not have enough time to get to a truck stop for dinner so I’ll have to stay here. Here is a sawmill in western Maine, far from any store or restaurant, tucked away in nothing but a parking lot. Not what I had planned but this is trucking.

But lets take stock of the situation. I enjoyed a great sunset and a spooky ride through the mist on the way to Bethel. Vinny and I dine on “Beefaroni” and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and it tastes as good as any gourmet meal I have had. It’s not very cold tonight so I will leave the heat off, the windows cracked, throw on an extra blanket and sleep with thoughts of the stars above and the sound of the wind in the trees.

It’s times like this I remember how much I have, how silly it is to complain about the little things that cause us inconvenience. There are so many that will be hungry tonight, no warm bed to sleep in, no friends to share their lives with. I have these things and more. All is good in my world tonight and I’m thankful. Goodnight Maine.






8 thoughts on “It’s Christmas In Maine

  1. Happy Holidays and safe roads! I woke up to a lot of snow, it’s sticking to the roads and is falling very fast…providing a white Christmas, which is fine except there are church services and the two are often incompatible! Beefaroni and pb&j sandwiches are gourmet to the hungry! Best wishes for a grand New Year too! 🙂

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  2. I don’t need to tell you that I agree with every word you say. I raised a glass at our Christmas table today to you and Vinny driving through the holiday to give another driver time with his family. I am proud to know you and glad that Vinny is there to keep you warm and cheered.

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