New Years Day In Maine

I left Bangor Maine this morning with my next load heading for Georgia. I will deliver it on the 4th and pick up another to come back by friday to start my vacation! It snowed alot over the last few days and it makes for a beautiful ride early in the morning. Maine has some incredible beauty in all 4 seasons. Here’s some pics of the first 100 miles of my day.


15 thoughts on “New Years Day In Maine

  1. Oh my heavens this makes me ache for the US … how funny. I was so European a year ago and now I wonder if I might convert!! Happy New year my friend … I wish you joy and laugher, peace and contentment and above all things LOVE in 2017 because, in the end, it turns out that love really IS all we need. Squidgy Vinny for me and send him puppy love from The Bean xx

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      1. We were with my husband’s brother for a couple of nights this week in Liverpool where he has lived his whole life (80 this year). He and his wife live in the house my husband was brought up in – small and modest, they don’t travel much, they have family around them and he said ‘what do I need? I dont need anything much.’ Several times. Of course they have a home, they have food and they have clothes. Nothing more. A car but they don’t really use it – they prefer to walk or take the bus. Those are the kinds of people that inspire me. The rest can disappear up their entitled backsides for all I care of them!!!

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