The Perceived Enlightenment 


Weary am I as the sun fades through the trees. The daily crusade of miles and time demand payment, and stop I must to pay my dues.  A day of introspective assessment behind me now, the solace of quiet as the miles rolled by, only the rumble of the highway received by my ears.  As I nourish body and mind I reflect on my thoughts, search for the thread that binds them together. An index written to allow words to form, a ballet in type. Difficult is the task as eyes grow heavy.

I pondered the image of a life to date, lessons learned and some forgotten. Wiser than I have traveled the same, they too stumbled and fell. We go through life with a perceived enlightenment, a belief that we have the answers to many things, assured by experience we justify actions. Blinded are we who follow this path, trusting in a mindset befallen with error. Only with time can we see the image of truth, only with the acceptance that we know nothing can we truly see the light. Enlightenment comes from the realization we have much to learn.


Just as this flower blooms with all it’s majesty and beauty, just when it has given it’s all, the hold it has in this world fades, back to the earth from which it came. So too is the life of us mortals, from dust we come and to dust we return. Just like the flower all we can hope for is do some small part to beautify this world, make at least one persons life better, if only for a moment. It’s never to late to make amends, never to late to learn more and build a book of wisdom to base the remainder of your life on, even share with those who seek the same. Like a favorite lyric from a song I know, these words hold great wisdom to follow, a belief to live by…“Life is a lesson, you learn it when your through.”


26 thoughts on “The Perceived Enlightenment 

      1. Yay!! I’m so glad you liked it. I usually don’t guarantee books to people- it’s the only one that I know will absolutely change lives. It just does. It works. I’m so happy you shared it with your daughters and others. Happy hearts one book at a time.

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      2. Oh you certainly should. I can think of a hatful of people instantly who should at least try it …. of course one can never guarantee success but I have recommended it to several as well as my own brood and I have done so in confidence that it has a huge chance of success. Write away, good lady!

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  1. You, my friend, are like a poet from centuries ago. At moments you see life so clearly, and it stops me in my tracks. Your insight is a beautiful thing. What beauty it is to speak of one entering and leaving this life when you lost your dad so recently. Sounds like maybe your heart found some peace. For that, the angels must be singing. I hope you keep writing like this. You have so much to share with the world. Feel lucky to be able to read and ponder it. Lessons to be learned. 🙂

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