Good Morning Connecticut

Its going to be a slow day I think.


22 thoughts on “Good Morning Connecticut

  1. Eeeeeeee … white stuff!!!!! I love it as you know, but I sympathise with you on the road and I do echo Miriam in asking you to take care because there are just too many fools about. Tell Vinnie to be on high bozo-alert for you!

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  2. I’m ready for spring and so is Stewie.. The weather channel claimed -20 with the wind chill yesterday and the winds were howling for the last 30 hrs..
    Taking him to potty is work for me, and I feel so bad for him.. It’s all business no play..

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      1. I don’t blame him.. Stewie has winter boots but of course I left them up at the cabin 😕 I really “thought” the deep cold was behind us. So much for thinking huh ?

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