What Is Wisdom, And Where Can I Buy Some?

We all would like to think we are wise, refined in our thinking, complete in our depth of thought. Bold in our actions with the assurance of our ability to discern the proper path, the right way of things. With our perceived knowledge of a sage and the foresight of a prophet we sometimes fall prey to our own misguided plans that lead to sorrow or pain. I have been down this road, sometimes more than once. After careful thought I believe the path to wisdom is found in the realization of our mistakes and the focus of thought in not perpetuating the same.

Over the past few weeks since my father died I have been caught in a battle between sorrow and hope, disbelief and fortitude. On one side I feel the loss of someone dear, a wound only now realized in it’s pain. On the other I feel the excitement of my plans for a fuller life, the freedom of the seas and the restless longing for travel. I feel torn as to how long to mourn before release, how long to wait till I no longer feel guilty for past sins. I am not as wise as I wish for I have no answer.

IMG_8469 (Large)

I question the wisdom of a job that can be very dangerous at times. One false move and my best friend and I could be injured or killed in the blink of an eye. I tell myself that the journey to happiness is fraught with danger. Only those who are willing to pay will succeed. Again, I hope I am right.

IMG_8533 (Large)

There are days when the majesty of the open road take my breath away, the beauty of nature overwhelms you and you feel like all is good in the world. Moments like this are the saving grace in my life, the recharge of my internal batteries I so need at this time.

IMG_8563 (Large)

When I drive in the early morning I feel a sense of peace as the sun rises. A new day has come, another chance to get it right. Even as I write this, tears well in my eyes with the hope of a future filled with the things I am most inspired by. Nature, photography, sailing, solitude, giving back to those in need. I will fulfill my goals no matter how long it takes.

IMG_8675 (Large)

While stopping at a rest area I notice these two trees. They seem so lopsided in the growth of their limbs, very few between them. It comes to me the simple wisdom of it. It make no sense to grow limbs in the shade of each other, better to send more limbs and leaves into the sunny side. So too should be my life. No more standing in the shade of despair. Better to stand in the light of hopefulness, basking in the glow of the brilliant light of another day. Better to squint in the sunshine than stumble in the shade.

PS: In a shocking LACK of wisdom, the hospital that last treated my father sent a package to my mother a week ago…in that package was my fathers false teeth. Even though they knew he was sent to hospice, they felt compelled to mail them. Unbelievable.


21 thoughts on “What Is Wisdom, And Where Can I Buy Some?

  1. Your blog name intrigued me and I had to see what you were all about. Sorry about your father. My Mom passed away a year ago this month. Time helps to heal. But things will pop up from time to time that causes you to reflect on your loss. Such as just last night I had one of those real type dreams where my Mom was in it. I woke up feeling like I had just been with her. Of course, that has caused me to think of her more today than I have for awhile. But that is a good thing. Enjoyed your post. You are a gifted writer.

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  2. How about a sense of relief without guilt? If I was in the New England area, we’d drink a very nice red and I would be a good sounding board. But I’m not in New England, but look forward to you visiting us in the boat in a warm port in 2019

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  3. Can’t believe they sent the false teeth by mail! But on a more positive note, it’s good to hear the hope in your words. There is no set time frame for grieving and moving on. Listen to your heart my friend.

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  4. The false teeth thing is a bit creepy, but shows someone was doing their job and returning items that had been left behind, instead of throwing them out or pocketing them (not the teeth, but stuff like jewelry, glasses …etc). I still don’t know what happened to my husband’s false plate (I never got it back after he died), nor his wedding band. The first item I don’t really care about, I hope they threw them out..they don’t cremate those things, do they?? But the second? I hope he went to the Great Beyond wearing it. I don’t know. Grief and healing happen in a myriad of different ways, individualized to each of us. Your pictures are beautiful, your words show hope and healing. Blessings!

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  5. Your poor mum …what a dreadful thing to happen. You, though are wise. You are wise to the simple messages of nature. I am wise enough to know you are a gifted and talented man who is only just setting out on his journey.

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      1. I think the trick is to set finite boundaries within which one can be flexible. Intractability is the road to frustration but without firm borders things tend to flitter and fritter. At least in my experience.

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  6. Okay, there is a bunch of wisdom in these comments.. And it was free and given with heart and compassion.. You got the best deal ever..
    I can’t add a thing about grieving, all said above is true.. But I can address the question of “risk” in your occupation.. I’ve seen you drive.. Your risk is much much lower than many others on the road.. Every moment of life is a risk.. One can stay locked up in an underground bunker and die of a heart attack.. I don’t believe one should push the envelope on taking risks.. But when you are skillful at something, the risk factors plummet.. I believe you chose the perfect profession for you personally and you lessen the risks of others of the motoring public and probably a few pedestrians too ๐Ÿ˜Š
    But hey, if you ever find wisdom in a bottle, check the warning label first ๐Ÿ˜‚
    If it’s good stuff, I’ll buy some too..

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