What’s In That Trailer?

I’ve hauled all types of paper, food, booze, construction supplies, live plants, bagged mulch, wood shavings, and on and on. If it will fit in the trailer we pull it all across this country. When leaving Maine it’s almost always paper, and today was no different. The paper this trip is tissue in it’s basic form. This was made at the Baileyville Mill.


I picked up this load in Hermon Maine today at a warehouse, but I was at the mill a couple weeks ago during a snow storm. Wood chips are brought in large trailers from area wood lots. The unloading process is to back the trailers onto a ramp, unhook, then watch as the entire trailer is tipped up and dumped.

IMG_8480 (Large)

The chips are processed into pulp then pumped into the paper machines.


Here are the finished rolls in the warehouse. They are huge!

IMG_8763 (Large)

Can’t tell just how big they are? Compare them to a forklift.

IMG_8764 (Large)

They are so big I can only fit 5 in my 53 foot trailer!

IMG_8765 (Large)

The next truck you see ask yourself…whats in that trailer?



37 thoughts on “What’s In That Trailer?

  1. Dang! Those are HUGE. I already spend a lot of time pondering ‘what’s in that trailer’? Particularly at 2:30 or 3 a.m. when they decide to start unloading next to my bedroom window. The banging and clanging as they hook or unhook their trailers is deafening. And I don’t know what they have in there, but it’s metallic (apparently) and loud. And that’s supposed to be a dehydrated food ‘depot’ too.

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  2. I’m guessing you were there at 8am ? I showed up at 1230 and have never been in n out of a door so fast 😮 He only took 15 minutes.. I couldn’t believe it.. Nice guy too 👍

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  3. I always wonder what’s in the trailer. It’s the latent detective in me which is quite helpful as a writer. But I never would think paper. How foolish, when paper is my absolutely most essential ingredient for life except water and some sort of food … paper is what I write on in endless notebooks, paper is what I print out on, paper is the nasty side of life in the form of bills for the endless notebooks and printing paper and water and some sort of food. I loved this post, I could eulogise for hours and make no sense whatsoever. The sense I have is that I proud to know you and Pan and I feel closer to the process somehow. That process that moves the life-blood through the arteries of your land as it does this fragile (horribly fragile just now) continent I’m camping on for a while 🙂

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      1. That’s the most important paper of all !

        Guy, you might catch up with me.. It’s raining now and I stopped early evening because I didnt want to be in the 95 entanglement.. Will be on my way up to my fav Hannaford d/h soon as I finish my first cup of coffee..

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    1. Wood pulp is probably the number 1 most versatile material used globally.. We use it to produce packaging, labeling, blowing our schnozes, wiping our butts and it’s even in our food and has been since the FDA approved that use in the USA in 1973.. There’s a lot to write on paper about paper..
      And you my friend always make sense when you write 💛

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      1. Do you KNOW how much I appreciate you, my very smart and switched on friend? Like all the arms of the world stretched out finger tip to finger tip touching doesn’t cut it appreciate you is a little way there to explaining how much. Thank you (and thank The Lord for paper 😉)

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      2. That’s amazing ! I feel the same way about you !!!
        And I very begrudgingly admit the same about my drag ass accuser.. But don’t tell him.. I saw him the other day at our shop and his head already blocked out the sun.. 😉

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      3. Haha … your secrets safe 😉…. seen to many fall victim to their own hype but it must be said that my world is the brighter with the both of you in it. Do we think an alternative guide to wisdom and sage living is calmed for? The one that has no Bluddy letters attributed 😊

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      4. My daughters ((number one and two)) tell me its all in the marketing … perhaps we should do a straw poll of sexy titles and then publish the book under an erroneous but big-sales title!! 😂 😂 😂

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      5. I think maybe
        “Earn Free Stuff Easily”
        The new mind and body method will open doors you never imagined could be possible, until now. Just follow this breakthrough method and your dreams can become reality.
        Then get some trendy celeb and a billionaire (W.B. maybe) to endorse..
        But there’s a flaw, once it dawns on the reader there’s no free ride, the book is tossed.. If not angrily burned 😮

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