Reset In Maybrook New York

IMG_8800 (Large)
Like most every reset I like to take a walk with Vinny my dog. Today we are at the TA in Maybrook NY. I was told by someone who works here of an old farm that used to be in the area, so we went to take a look.

Here’s the stone entrance he spoke of.

IMG_8768 (Large)

Whats that smell? The smell of death is never mistaken for anything else. Here is the carcass of a dear and other trash dumped by someone.

IMG_8773 (Large)

A little further up the road and one would think they arrived at the town dump.

IMG_8776 (Large)

Even more around the next corner. Many people have no respect.

IMG_8777 (Large)

Some of the trash has been here a long time. When was the last time you saw one of these?

IMG_8797 (Large)

A little farther in I found the old farm well and what looked like a large stone BBQ.

IMG_8780 (Large)IMG_8784 (Large)

Here’s the remnants of a cement block barn, and even more trash!

IMG_8787 (Large)IMG_8788 (Large)

Past this point I come into an area that looks like it was open pasture some time ago.


IMG_8786 (Large)IMG_8794 (Large)

As we are walking back to the truck I notice something shiny in the crotch of a tree. What in the world is that doing there? You never know just what you will find at old homesteads.

IMG_8799 (Large)

As we walk back into the truck stop, I thought it fitting that this truck came out hauling hay.

IMG_8801 (Large)

Well Vinny, time to kick back, pluck all the ticks out of my socks and your fur and take a nap. Goodnight all!



23 thoughts on “Reset In Maybrook New York

  1. That is sad about all the trash. You wonder if the owners of the land even know. Probably belonged to Grandpa who passed away and was sold to the city by the kids and grandkids to get some money. It would make a beautiful nature walk with a picnic area set up by the well and fireplace.

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    1. Unfortunately many people are to short sighted to see the potential in a site like this. If a town wanted to take over this spot the cost would be so high due to politics and crony deals as to be prohibitive. Its sad the history of the people who lived here is lost under a pile of trash.

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  2. People are filthy. A lot of folks (as you mentioned) just don’t give a shout about cleaning up after themselves. You would think the Chamber of Commerce in the area would organize a trash collection effort to pick that area up. It looks like it would make an interesting hiking path…but the smell and the sight of all that garbage? Not so much. 😦

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  3. And the pictures show why I avoid truckstops.. Unbelievable that the homestead is being used for illegal dumping.. And I thought mine was bad when I bought it..
    I do take Stewie to the field behind the truckwash, back a good bit, it’s just high weeds no junk..
    What’s this that you’re taking a 34 ? 😬 I’m going to Jersey and then back up to Billerica !
    In fact I need to go to bed, I’m planning on leaving at 2230.. Goodnight 😤

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      1. 😒 oh.. I have 33 left.. But I’m not gaining any for 4 more days 😂
        When I get to Billerica I hope they find me something to get me up to the yard.. I want to try to tap some birch and maple sap.. The window is so short for it 😕

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