This Way And That

I spent the night at the TA truck stop in Southington Connecticut last night. I try to frequent the TA chain more than others as they have better shower facilities, they are generally cleaner, (at least on the inside!) and I receive points for every gallon of diesel. Most chains give points but I’m not setting foot in their showers! Eww! As I walk Vinny this morning I am treated to a brilliant view.

First the truck stop looking west…You can just see the nose of my truck on the left.

IMG_8803 (Large)

Now east!

IMG_8802 (Large)

Enjoy your day and stay safe!


22 thoughts on “This Way And That

      1. I’m glad it got there in the end … we have been lucky this side (East France more than West because West get’s the dregs of the weather form East Coast US and Canada much of the time 😉) even though it is still snowing in the mountains when we get any precipitation on the plane, we are blessed with burgeoning flowers and blossom trees and mostly with sunshine. I’m not complaining. But to be fair, I seldom complain about weather … its just Mother Nature doing her thang after all!

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      2. Exactly. And boy do I wish I had learned that great truth earlier. So much valuable time lost worrying about things I can’t fix. But somewhere along the line, and I honestly can’t now remember when, I gave up the rear-view mirror (mostly … I’m not perfect after all) and that is the most freeing liberating and constructive thing I have ever done 🙂

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  1. 😒 I woke up parked in a mudhole.. Stewie loved it of course..
    But he would’ve loved being at Ruby Lake much more 😄
    Me too ! Gorgeous sunrise 😊

    My “rearview perspective” is selective, sometimes to my benefit and sometimes not..

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      1. I’m wondering whether I’ll last my three month probation period. But it’s been so long since I’ve worked I feel as though I have to at least stick it out.

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