What Truth This Sunset Brings

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Each day brings a beginning and an end, just like life itself. The sun rises as our eyes open for the first time and confusion reigns. We grow and mature, each moment grasped in the folds of our minds for recall when the need is apparent. Like the sweet smell of spring grass our senses take in all from the surrounding glory, sometimes missing the magnitude of it’s radiance. All that matters is sometimes lost in the rush for success.

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Gaze out at a simple view and realize what is there. More than a rusty roof, a bush or some grass, a cacophony of life in this field reaching out for the sun and soil, rain and wind. A dance of natures balance all free for the taking if you so desire. So much to explore and see, taste and touch, all wrapped up in the passing of a single day. Many days spent ignoring what was right in front of me, but soon to be remedied.


What truth this sunset brings is the realization of a dream, the firm grasp of something more than an everyday existence. Letting go of the once held goal of things that never truly satisfied me, never gave me a feeling of where I belong. Soon shall I bask in the sunset from a place of my own, replete with the few possessions needed to have a fulfilling life. A man at peace with himself.

All can find such peace if willing to look deep into oneself for the truth that hides there. Only through deep introspection can you see what hides behind goals formed by others as a means of acceptance. Only when you disregard the path of the masses can you complete the circle of life and end up where you belong, at peace with yourself.




23 thoughts on “What Truth This Sunset Brings

  1. That is a beautifully lyrical post – you were born to be a writer. You and I share a deep love of the universe around us. I had a precious moment yesterday when two baby armadillos peeped out under my deck. We had a lovely little chat and I got to see them close up. Made my day.

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      1. Oh yes! I will buy you a beer for your first frigate bird!!! Teddy went on a solo trip to California (to get away from the teenager…) and has some fab photos of sea otters which I will post sometime.

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