The Truth Of Ones Destiny

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Do you believe in destiny? Do you think your future is predetermined such as in the concept of fate? Like this bridge, do you think there is only one road to your future? I for one know not what the future holds, or if some all seeing guide is providing clues to lead us one way or another. All I know is we are presented with choices each day that have a direct impact on our lives, and I try to choose based on life experience, instinct, common sense and lessons my parents taught me. I must say my choices have become less problematic as of late.

By simplifying everything in my life I have cut down on the afore mentioned choices therefor reducing the chances of bad decisions. At least that’s what I tell myself. In reality I hope it’s just the knowledge I have amassed over the years of trial and error that lead me to the best decisions. Either way I see a better future than I did 15 years ago with a real sense of accomplishment for how far I have come. I now like me.


Like the beautiful calm in this picture of Portland harbor I took last winter, I feel that same calmness washing over me as I plan for the refit and my time on my sailboat. Whether it’s 5 years or the remainder of my life, that time will be filled with serenity, stillness and a profound sense of content. Each day I awaken to the cry of gulls, the gentle slap of the water on the hull, all of the trials to date will wash away in the solitude of a life immersed only in nature. Each photograph, meal or walk on a deserted beach with nothing but my thoughts and my dog, will be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I have worked so hard for. No houses, no people, no demands….only freedom.


I think the truth of ones destiny lies in the truth of your heart. Only if your willing to listen and understand what it’s saying to you can you attain a stillness to your soul, a bounty of blessings free for those who make it their goal. Only when you understand what really matters will you be at peace. My destiny lies on the sea, and to her I say, “Just a little longer and I’ll be right home to you.”




12 thoughts on “The Truth Of Ones Destiny

  1. Your talent as a writer and a purveyor of wisdom is bubbling over. This is written in such a gentle but insistent way that it echoes the waves on the ocean herself. Really … your time is now.

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      1. You know that I am a fierce critic as well as a champion cheer leader. It is important to be both. I learned early on in life that only saying what you truly mean is essential. I practice my wisdom at all times and I am delighted to be a tiny part of bringing your voice out and into the wide wide world. It’s funny how the most reclusive, life’s hermits, have the most valuable things to say. You, my friend are an exemplar of my theory!

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