The Chariot Of My Dreams

When self doubt rears it’s ugly head, I ask myself “why am I doing this.” Years ago that doubt would take over and I would most likely walk away from whatever it was I feared and give up. But not this time. I will not hang my head and go quietly into the night. This time I will fight with all my might and win.

It’s hard to put into words my motivation, but I feel the true reason for my goal of living on a boat is the fear of the unknown combined with my want of living a minimalist lifestyle. I have a deep need to prove to myself that I can achieve my goals, I can live a much more fulfilling life. I freely gave up all my past friends, sold or gave away anything of value I had, all for a dream that was clouded in the insecurity I have heaped upon myself. I must release myself from this burden or die a broken man.

Now that I have bought a boat, and the overall quest has begun, I also find myself reassessing what is a reasonable goal for my future, what is it I am REALLY looking for. All I know is that everything in my past is NOT what I wanted, so it’s time for something else. Will I sail to distant shores? Not in this boat. I’m afraid that goal was a little beyond my ability to bring to fruition, the costs for a boat of that caliber were just too high.

As I think this through I realize crossing an ocean would be a wonderful experience, but so would sailing to the Florida Keys, crossing the Gulf to Louisiana and Texas, maybe cross the Panama Canal and travel up the west coast to Alaska. There’s so many places this boat can take me that are completely foreign to me, and I could spend the rest of my life sailing and not see them all. So why do I need to cross an ocean? I really don’t. Like most things in life, it’s all about compromise.

So as I refit the chariot of my dreams over the next year or so I now understand what it is I am searching for, what drives my restless spirit to cast off the lines and sail into the unknown. I want to live free from the drain of modern society and all the burdens placed on us to “fit in” and be accepted. I want to conquer the fear residing in all of us, that nagging doubt that stops many from reaching their goals. I will risk it all for the beauty of the human spirit that resides in all of us, and I will do it on my own.

This post and it’s title were inspired by this video by Liz Clark, a woman I admire for her inner strength and courage to take on the challenge. Watch this short video, you won’t be disappointed.


12 thoughts on “The Chariot Of My Dreams

  1. Wherever you go, wherever you sail it will be away from the ghastly bits of modern society and therefore it will be what you need. That, surely is enough. The C word need not be used 🙂

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    1. How about an r word…realistic, reasonable and right now. I fear if I waited for the bigger and better, life would somehow get in the way. Better most of the dream than none. I’m actually ok with my decision. More money to make the boat my home!

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      1. My father was a great one for logic and common sense. A very reasonable man he was also extremely realistic. That is not to say he didn’t dream nor that he decried other’s dreams but just that he would tend to council that reigning back to the attainable and having something worthwhile in reach was far more sensible and far less stressful!

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