Winterport Boat Yard On The Penobscot River…Where I Call Home

I thought you might like a few pictures of my boat and the place I will call home while refitting. Winterport Boat Yard is located on the Penobscot River that leads from Penobscot bay to the town of Bangor and beyond. This yard has a great reputation for honest people, great service and reasonable prices. They are equipped with everything I will need to bring Renegade back to the glory of her youth, and return me to mine. And as an added benefit, you can’t beat the view!

Pearson 30 /AKA Renegade

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Winterport Boat Yard

IMG_9211 (Large)IMG_9213 (Large)IMG_9216 (Large)IMG_9217 (Large)IMG_4671 (Large)IMG_4669 (Large)IMG_4668 (Large)IMG_4662 (Large)IMG_4663 (Large)

Penobscot River

IMG_9214 (Large)IMG_9215 (Large)20161005073221_img_6674.jpg20161005073341_img_6676.jpg20161005072454_img_6664.jpg20161005072413_img_6663.jpg20161005072304_img_6661.jpg20161005072454_img_6664.jpg20161005065308_img_6639.jpg

IMG_4660 (Large)

IMG_4611 (Large)

Bangor Maine

IMG_8955 (Large)IMG_8956 (Large)IMG_8957 (Large)IMG_8960 (Large)IMG_8961 (Large)IMG_8962 (Large)IMG_8971 (Large)IMG_8974 (Large)IMG_8987 (Large)cropped-20161005065932_img_6643.jpgcropped-20161005064705_img_6633.jpg20161005072151_img_6659.jpg20161005070530_img_6646.jpg20161005072627_img_6669.jpg




16 thoughts on “Winterport Boat Yard On The Penobscot River…Where I Call Home

  1. Has she always been called ‘Renogade’ or is that your choice? Either way HOW appropriate!! The pictures of Penobscot and it’s surrounds and of course the boatyard are enticing and delightful

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  2. Ahhh, places I know well. It was very interesting to see the boat yard up close. I’ve driven by numerous times, but never walked onto the docks. Lovely pics of the Penobscot. And Bangor, one of my favorite little cities in the world. Many years ago I lived there and I still travel an hour to get there most weeks. These photos are just lovely. The bridges particularly caught my eye. Good luck with the renovations. It looks like the interior is just beautiful. Is that trim teak? You are going to have so much fun!

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  3. So happy and excited for you! My daughter lives west of Bangor.. I’m there visiting my first grandchild almost every Friday! You are in for such an adventure.. and I’m so happy for you!

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  4. W.G…..I am so incredibly HAPPY for you and Vinny! The Boyfriend and I and of course Ziggy are smiling ear to ear, so totally and completely blown away by seeing your dream come to fruition! It is so AWESOME to witness a miracle and we can’t think of a person who deserves it more than you, my friend.
    We wish you every happiness that the future holds for you.
    Ziggy said “Woof, BARK Bark!” translation: If you ever make it out this way, I’ll take you and Vinny out for a swim!
    (We’ve been taking him out to Washoe Lake every day to swim. It’s only 5 miles from our house and was totally dried up last year-this year it is so full, they’re worried about flooding)
    If all of the prophecies & predictions are true, we will have beachfront property some time in the near future…perhaps you can sail on out and see us! lol!
    Many, Many, Many Blessings to you my friend!!!!

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