The Trials Of Perpetual Learning 

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Like clouds in the sky, so too are the thoughts that wash over my mind. Remembrances of days on mountaintops awash in the glow of the sun, a photo caught in the lens. How far I have come from that day, how much I have learned. And yet many things remain the same, we walk much of the same path, never changing for fear of stumble.

Forward we must, or suffer the same occurrence we will. Straight into the future with head held high, we grasp at a dream with a single minded purpose. Never stronger have I been than this time, reminded by the past of the distance to fall. Each day a lesson to learn, each lesson however small adds to the cumulative effect of a life searching for wisdom and knowledge.

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The trials of perpetual learning are most apparent on a night like this. Alone with my thoughts I sense the miles I have traveled to reach the point of understanding, the trials of acceptance to reach the peak. And still I climb, ever searching for the next lesson, the next moment of enlightenment to fill another space in the recesses of my mind. Learning is perpetual to those who make it so, those who realize never will you know all that you need.

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A life of learning brings more than an encyclopedic mind, it brings the joy of discovery and an undying wonder of what we don’t know. Take a moment to look at what is right in front of you, instead of ignoring where beauty is found. Each day is another chance to grasp something new, add another slide to the presentation of memory. The only thing you take with you when you die is the pictures captured during your time on this earth, if you bother to fill that album.


5 thoughts on “The Trials Of Perpetual Learning 

  1. An open mind, one that is open to learning, to discovering is, I feel the greatest gift i have. This is another fabulous, beautifully written and inspiring post. And I love that humming bird with a passion.

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