Can I Find The Truth Of Me


Alone by the shore, alone with me
I dreamed of adventure upon the sea
A young boy’s thoughts did rise and fall
In time with the tide, either big or small

White sails full with wind, the water thus parts
The thrill of freedom, rushing hearts
My home afloat, no matter how small
Brings joy to my soul, I still feel tall

And so I search, on land and sea
For what has so long eluded me
An answer to a question, not sure who to ask
I struggle for the end of this arduous task

Loved ones will go, some in their prime
Cut down by something as simple as time
We have no control over such a fate
I must find happiness before it’s to late

Can I find the truth of me
So many people I had to be
It cannot pass from you to me
Perhaps I’ll find it on the sea



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