Another Holiday, Another Rest Area

I’m sitting in a rest area in Williston Vermont tonight. I will deliver the first stop of this load tomorrow in Burlington, then continue to Martinsburg West Virginia. I have worked almost every holiday my entire working career, but I’m getting very tired of it. As I drove over US route 2 from Rumford Maine through northern New Hampshire and into Vermont I realized just how much time I have lost trying to follow a dream that was not my own.

IMG_0580 (Large)

Driving in the mountains almost brought me to tears when I thought about the missed days camping in the meadows, swimming in the ice cold streams, all the photographs never taken. I thought about the time camping with my folks, my sister and my wife in the field below this mountain so many years ago. That was a snapshot in time I will never forget. I never lost my sense of wonder and the feeling of complete joy being out in nature, even if only driving through like today.

IMG_0722 (Large)

So many places I have lived, each holds a special place in my memory. Many days spent as a young boy sitting on the rocks beside this lighthouse dreaming of high adventure. A fertile imagination unbounded and alive even now, I have the power to make it real. Today validated all my plans, assured me my path was the right one. When I grow up I want to be a nature photographer, and that time is now.

IMG_0388 (Large)

But how do I compete, there are so many others? There is more nature than all the worlds photographers combined could ever capture, and each brings their own vision to the lens. Each has their own story to tell. I wanted to stop so many times today to pull into the lens the beauty I felt through my eyes. But like all of my adult life to date, I am at the mercy of my employer. Not much longer.

IMG_6053 (Large)

Every sunrise brings another opportunity to share the feelings only seen by one, create the same experience if only in a picture. This morning was spent paddling in a canoe, the only sounds were the splash of the water and the cry of the Loons. A perfect morning.

IMG_1130 (Large)

Even a dusty field behind a truck stop holds wonders of nature to those with patience and a steady hand. I don’t think I will ever run out of things to see. And soon I will add the aspect of the water view to the mix. The coast of Maine is truly one of the greatest spots on earth.

IMG_4611 (Large)


13 thoughts on “Another Holiday, Another Rest Area

  1. As my wife’s Russian Grandmother used to say’ “.. Be like a chicken. one step in front of the other, looking only forward…” You will get to wherever you want, just make sure to share it with us..Thank you, Mac

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  2. Enjoyed this post… yes.. midcoast maine! I’ve got family visiting from Tenn and have had fun showing them beautiful spots which are everywhere here! Make sure you hike up to Beech Hill in Rockport..

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  3. I accidentally had off Thursday and most of today.. But a hot load to Pa. awaits, so I’m back in the yard now.. It was so nice out, if it weren’t for the mosquitoes and black flies in the afternoons, it would’ve been perfect.. You should see my right hand.. It’s swollen up like a balloon.. Something bit or stung my last knuckle.. I suspect it was a black fly.. Itches, burns and painful 😟

    There is a lot of competition in photography, you’re right.. But if you can get noticed, I believe you will be like cream and rise to the top.. Your pics are more than pictures.. They are images that promote the memories or imagination of the beholder.. I think you could freelance very well, if you learn how to and where to market them 😊

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