Weird Guy With The Dog?

Almost everyone has a nickname at one point or another in their life, and I am no exception. I acquired mine from a person I currently work with and it just stuck. I now wear it as a badge of honor, a symbol of my place in this world. I see no derogatory symbolism or mean spirited slap in the face, just a true representation of me. I am the “Weird Guy” and I will always have a dog by my side.


It took me 50 years of life experience, some good some bad, to finally decide what inspires me. I first started blogging as a way to cope with the passing of my father, dealing with the stress of watching a loved one die from Dementia. The release I felt by writing those feelings down, the support I received from people I have never met, that was the beginning of what I think is the path to my future.

Telling stories with words and pictures gives me a sense of worth, empowers my creative side that I never knew was there until now. When I capture an image, then write what I see and feel at that moment, that small piece of time is forever tucked away in my mind. So many people spend their entire life searching for an answer, working very hard for this car or that house, that they don’t stop to realize an important truth…when you die, the only thing you take with you are your memories.


I took this picture the first day I purchased a decent camera. The lighting is poor, the colors muted, but even now I still remember how it felt to reach out and capture that image knowing I could be transported back to a moment in time whenever I view it. That to me is the essence of photography, the power of an image.

That feeling is different for everyone. Some like landscapes while others enjoy portraits. Sports action or wildlife, there is something that appeals to all. When I see something that I want to remember, I try to pull it in through the viewfinder. I am attracted more to landscapes and wildlife, but so much can be found in a face or street. As I explore this further I’m sure my tastes will expand to all facets of photography.


I captured this image on a recent camping trip to northern Maine. That feeling of calm reflection, the overwhelming sense of peace, this is a moment I will take with me when I die.

As I write this, a longing to return is tearing at my soul and pulling at my heart. Being alone in the woods has always been my retreat from the world, a separation from the harshness that is modern society.

As I prepare for next summers escape I can’t help but feel impatient. The lure of travel I have felt for so long, the draw of exploring my home state more thoroughly, these things motivate me to work even harder to achieve my goals. You only get one chance at this life. We all make mistakes, follow the wrong path at times, but one must find where their true happiness resides and strive to find a way to make it your home. Regret is a formidable foe that can deflate your will, but I will defeat mine through writing and photographs like this one!


15 thoughts on “Weird Guy With The Dog?

  1. You’re back! I was honestly thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were, thinking it’s been so long and now here you are. It’s so good to hear from you John. I hope that life is treating you well.


  2. Hey John, I’m not sure if my first comment registered but I wanted to say how good it is to hear from you. I’ve missed you! Your photography is beautiful and you sound in a good place in life. I’ll look forward to following your next chapter of life in the great outdoors. Cheers from a fellow nature lover and old friend.


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