If You Get Lost You Can Always Be Found

Hits: 49Hold on to me as we goAs we roll down this unfamiliar roadAnd although this wave, wave is stringing us along Just know you’re not alone‘Cause I’m gonna make this place your home Settle down, it’ll all be clearDon’t pay no mind to the demonsThey fill you with fearThe trouble—it might drag you downIf … Continue reading "If You Get Lost You Can Always Be Found"

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Hits: 34Sprawling on the fringes of the cityIn geometric orderAn insulated borderIn between the bright lightsAnd the far unlit unknown Growing up it all seems so one-sidedOpinions all providedThe future pre-decidedDetached and subdividedIn the mass production zoneNowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone [Chorus:](Subdivisions)In the high school hallsIn the shopping mallsConform or be … Continue reading "Subdivisions"

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