KI-Jo Mary Multiple Use Forest

To those of you that have been following me, and those of you who just started, (Welcome aboard Andy!) I say thank you for coming along on my adventures! My last post I wrote of my camping trip in the KI-Jo Mary Multiple Use Forest here in Maine, and posted many photographs of the trip. Now I found time to put together a video of the trip also. It’s not super polished, but I did the best I can with the simple software I have now, (imovie) and the skills I hope to improve over time. I have much to learn about my video camera as most of the shots are overexposed, but time and practice will cure most ills. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “KI-Jo Mary Multiple Use Forest

  1. John, you did a pretty fantastic job, even with simple software, and any improvement is just a bonus!
    Really enjoyed this. The scenery is stunning. I’m not sure I would have driven on some of the stretches that you negotiated with apparent ease. The setup you’ve made looks fantastic and can only improve as you adjust to suit your experience as you use it more.
    Looking forward to more in due course.


    1. Thanks Peter! I have the right equipment, all I need is more experience. The Jeep is in the shop for rust repair and is coming along well, and I will post some pics of the work soon. I look forward to starting the major work of the Jeep and trailer interior coming soon!


  2. That “mess” you see as “dry fire wood”? When a tree gets limbed, the branches are put down for the skidder to drive over instead of stirring up dirt & mud.. Also, sometimes your best views can be not from the top but part down so you look across to other mountains instead of over the top of them.


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