More Progress On The Jeep

I’m back in Maine today and tomorrow, so I picked up my Jeep from the body shop and inspected the work. I’m very pleased with the final results from the frame repair and undercoating.


The new rear bumper and tire carrier is a welcome edition as the old one was very rusty! Not shown in this picture is the new fuel tank skid plate. Again, the old one was rusty.



The internal part of the frame was treated with “Eastwood Internal Frame Coating” to stop anymore rust from forming that can lead to more repairs in the future. This product encapsulates any existing rust as well as sealing it and the steel from any water that will find it’s way in.

RaptorI tried an experiment to see if I like the spray on bed liner product made by “Raptor”, a product that lets you tint it to any color you choose. I’m thinking of spraying the Jeep with this product to color and protect the body from scratches and rust. I wanted to see what a dark red would look like as well as seal the interior floor so I prepped and painted the back of the Jeep.


It took about an hour to wire wheel the back area, then vacuum and wipe it down with Acetone before applying Raptor with a brush and roller. I’m not concerned with it’s overall look as I will be covering the interior floor with sound and heat matting then carpet, but it will give me an idea about the color.


Now that’s red!!! This was right after finishing, but an hour later it was much darker and more to my liking. I will prep and paint the rest of the interior tomorrow. Again, I don’t care that it’s a little blotchy and rough, it will be covered with carpet and a sprayed application on the exterior will be much better.

I also picked up the new door that will be installed in the front of the trailer. This will allow access to the nose after I put the refrigerator and drawers in the back. I needed a new jack for the tongue and a spare tire so I went to “Maine Trailer” for those items and had the door installed.


Measure twice, cut once! The installer was a good sport, laughed at all my jokes, and didn’t bat an eye, even when Vinny threw up on the floor! No idea what brought that on, but dogs will be dogs!


There’s an idea of how large the door is! I will have no problem reaching anything in the front of the trailer.


I think the final product came out very well. This water tight and lockable door helps me to utilize all the space I can with the limited amount on hand. As I continue to outfit the trailer my vision will make more sense to all.

I’m sitting in my truck right now, visions of dinner in my head, and I’m quite pleased with today’s progress. I will finish the interior floor tomorrow, then spend some time with my weekly “Domestic” chores to prepare for another week of driving. If I can accomplish a similar amount of work each week over the winter I will be in good shape come spring to follow the path I have chosen. But for now, I need some Advil…I’m not 25 anymore!

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