Your My Best Friend

Ooh, you make me live
Whatever this world can give to me
It’s you, you’re all I see
Ooh, you make me live now honey
Ooh, you make me live

You’re the best friend
That I ever had
I’ve been with you such a long time
You’re my sunshine
And I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
You’re my best friend

Ooh, you make me live

I’ve been wandering round
But I still come back to you
In rain or shine
You’ve stood by me girl
I’m happy at home (happy at home)
You’re my best friend.

Ooh, you make me live
Whenever this world is cruel to me
I got you to help me forgive
Ooh, you make me live now honey
Ooh, you make me live

You’re the first one
When things turn out bad
You know I’ll never be lonely
You’re my only one
And I love the things
I really love the things that you do
You’re my best friend

Ooh, you make me live.

I’m happy, happy at home
You’re my best friend
You’re my best friend
Ooh, you make me live
You, you’re my best friend.

Your My Best Friend – Queen

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”

Dean Koontz (author, Whispers)

Needless to say the last few days have been very difficult for me having said goodbye to my best friend of the last 16 years. Like many humans I was extremely attached to my dog, and having him draw his last breath in my arms was almost more than I can bear. But because we are humans standing atop the chain of life, we carry the burden of life and death for these creatures. I for one do not take this responsibility lightly.

“When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.”

Kristan Higgins (author, In Your Dreams)

I feel part of my responsibility to theses animals is to save as many as I can in my lifetime from the needless fate of homelessness and despair that besets so many in this world. In return they impart an answer to a hidden need in all of us that rarely comes from other humans…unconditional love.

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”

Charles de Gaulle (former President of the French Republic)

There are those more noble than I who feel native peoples in desolate Africa or other such countries deserve all their efforts, and to them I say good for you in finding your purpose in life. But not all people are deserving of help in my estimation, at least not at first. Personal responsibility is a most notable trait that allows you to take control of your life and hold your head high in the face of harsh reality. Man’s inherent cruelty to man is something that will never cease no matter how hard we try, so I live my life with the goal of hurting none and hope for the same in return. Wishful thinking so far.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

I’m about 8 months away from quitting my job and traveling all across this vast country in search of what has evaded me, the one thing I have never been able to grasp. A restful spirit. All I am taking with me is what will fit in the Jeep and trailer I am outfitting this winter, and my new best friend!

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

Mark Twain (author, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)

Brandy is a rescue from Mississippi, about 2 years old, part Shepherd and whatever, but she has a real zest for life. Very well behaved and eager to learn, she will be my companion for however long I am blessed to have her in my life. She is much bigger than my last friend, weighing in at 40 lbs compared to 15 lbs, but she is still the right size for the front seat of my Jeep and boosting up into the rooftop tent! Here’s a few pictures of her relaxing in my truck on our way to Indiana.

Hurry up with the fuel already!
All the comforts of home!
Time for a nap.

When we adopt a dog or any pet, we know it is going to end with us having to say goodbye, but we still do it. And we do it for a very good reason: They bring so much joy and optimism and happiness. They attack every moment of every day with that attitude.

Bruce Cameron

13 thoughts on “Your My Best Friend

  1. John, I’m so pleased that you’ve found a new friend to share your life and your journeys with. Welcome Brandy. You look a very pretty young lady. You are a very lucky young lady too. Enjoy life together.


  2. Awww, I’m so pleased to read this. Mind you, I’ve still got tears in my eyes from reading about Vinny. But he’d be glad, so very glad. Enjoy your new adventures with your newest best friend. Rescue dogs are the best. Harry was my saviour after I lose Bluey all those years ago and hopefully Brandy will be yours. Big hugs to you both.


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