Sunrise Or Sunset…I Must Decide

How does one decide the way in which we interpret the world? How do we decide what matters and what should be cast aside into the waste bin of our experiences? Where is the manual that outlines the steps to identifying the course of action that leads to the best outcome? I have no idea what the best approach is but I have learned to follow my instincts because they have been correct more often than not. And today they are asking me to decide if I want to live my life looking forward to the next sunrise, or dreading the next sunset.

A sunrise brings forth the feeling of renewal, a chance to try to get it right in the light of another day above ground. The suns rays seem to penetrate deep inside my soul and push aside the shadows that cause me to squint at all the darkness that resides there. Each transgression or regret takes on a different look in the stillness of the morning, the sharp edges smoothed by the colorful brilliance marking the end of night. Mornings are a time of comfort as we arise from our slumbers, a feeling of rebirth just as when flowers arise in the spring. All these feelings and more come from somewhere deep inside, from a place I believe is built into the human psyche.

The same picture could also be the sunset with it’s own connotations. Images of troubles withstood or pains sustained on this day. Grasping at hopes and fears of the time to come we may restlessly struggle for sleep as the sun fades, afraid of what may reside in the passing of another evening. And yet what decides how we should look at our lives in the diminished light other than our direction of view be it east or west? What sage advice or written word can we follow to provide us with the path for the best outcome in the short time we have? These answers evade me even now, yet I still choose to go forth and have no fear for what is to come.

Shall I see the twilight of my life or the beginning of another chapter? Are the stars lighting my way or are they soon to be outshined by the power of the new horizon? Only you have the power to push aside all the troubles controlling your thoughts, only you can decide if you see your life in the light of a new day or the ending of your last. I choose the sunrise.

8 thoughts on “Sunrise Or Sunset…I Must Decide

  1. I choose the sunrise too. No matter what’s gone before us a new sunrise heralds another chance to get it right. Profoundly written as always my friend and beautifully photographed.


  2. …or you can look at the sunset as the the blending of the day’s experiences, telling you that it’s time to rest and reflect on the path you have just traveled.
    Next time you get to travel into a sunset like the pictures you posted, throw in Elton John’s “Simple Life”. Back when I traveled Nebraska, it was a PERFECT fit!
    It is not wrong to say both can be good for their own reasons.


    1. Thanks Peter! The first shot was on I80 in Ohio, the second was in Maryland, the third was early morning at a truck stop in New Jersey and the last was camping last summer in northern Maine. I so love the outdoors and this summer will be filled with great experiences!


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