A Man Does What He Can Until His Destiny Is Revealed

(The title of this post comes from the movie “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise.)

I don’t think ones destiny is revealed, I think you have to put forth the effort to find it. Much thought and certitude must come from deep within, along with the focus and drive to seek out just what it is that moves you. The real trick is to find a way to make a living at it! By this time or sooner next year I set out on an adventure to do just that.

Broken windshield hinges

So much effort and money has gone into my Jeep, so many scraped knuckles and deep cuts add to the feeling of self reliance I value above many other less important endeavors. My only focus now is completing the needed repairs and modifications that will provide me with safe storage for food and clothing along with the only other thing Brandy and I really need, and that is shelter. When I leave Maine next year everything I own or really care about will be in my Jeep and trailer.

Brandy looks on from her favorite seat

Some people might think that’s a sad testament to my 53 years of life, but I see it as a new beginning. I am very unhappy with my life to date, disillusioned with all that has befallen me and mine at the hands of myself and others. Some I could have avoided with more forethought, many I had no control over. Yet I feel compelled to overcome the dark cloud that has darkened my journey and shine the light of hopefulness on my future.

New stronger front bumper and winch

I have owned many things so far in life, yet I willingly give them up in the name of freedom. Freedom from the will of politicians and their endless taxes, (income and payroll tax will always be there) freedom from nosy neighbors and their noise. The freedom to work when I want, travel as I wish. The freedom to hold ones destiny in ones own hands. Whether I make it or not is almost entirely up to me in my future plans.

KI Jo Mary Checkpoint

In just over a week I will be heading up north in Maine again to the KI Jo Mary Forest for 5 days of peaceful solitude. My campsite is called “Long Pond #1” and is very close the Chairback Mts that I loved from my visit last year.

Remote trail in the Chairback Mts (50 miles from the nearest town)

This is also the last place my past furry friend Vinny and I camped just 6 weeks before I had to say goodbye to him as he took his last breath in my arms. I’m still crushed by his passing. Even though he was just a dog to some, he was my best friend of 18 years. I wrote this post on his last day and I still can’t read it again. I Will Remember You

Magical drive!

I stopped my Jeep on the above track and just listened for awhile. Nothing but the wind in the trees, the rustle of leaves on the ground. No sign of man and all he has destroyed, just my best friend looking at me like no other has.

1700 feet up beside Jo Mary Mt

Though I travel the same roads this year I do so with a new friend. Brandy has burrowed her way into my heart with her silly looks and boundless energy, always looking for rabbits to chase even if I won’t let her! My gear is improved over last year so we should stay warmer. (27 in the tent one morning!)

A perfectly still stream in the cool morning air

I will bring along my drone and video camera, my Canon 5D digital and a few lenses in the hopes of imparting to you the feeling of remoteness, the sense of adventure that comes from being far away from mankind. I want to make short movies of my time alone that will reach deep down in all that watch and bring forth the awe and wonder I feel every time I camp alone. Pictures that capture the essence of nature and the simplicity of life at this level. If I can do all that, and make some money at it, I will have found my destiny.

10 thoughts on “A Man Does What He Can Until His Destiny Is Revealed

  1. Your past is behind you John and the future awaits. You have so much to look forward to, so many adventures in your jeep and with your spirited Brandy beside you. I look forward to journeying along with you on your adventures. May happiness find you and hold you close.

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  2. JDR, what’s up. I made a huge mistake going to Hawaii and backed out when my survival instinct came up, before I left for the boat delivery. I’m telling you on your website cause I’m not going to comment much on mine, as several folks read it who might be really bitter. I’m glad to read that you’re traveling and doing your own thing, keep it up. Our engine came out today so we’ve only got 4 weeks till it’s fixed hopefully….before Nov 4th-

    Take care my friend and have a great bottle of wine and steak up in the mountains for yourself-


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