Take The Long Way Home

So you think you’re a Romeo
playing a part in a picture-show
Take the long way home
Take the long way home

Cos you’re the joke of the neighborhood
Why should you care if you’re feeling good
Take the long way home
Take the long way home

But there are times that you feel you’re part of the scenery
all the greenery is comin’ down, boy
And then your wife seems to think you’re part of the
furniture oh, it’s peculiar, she used to be so nice.

When lonely days turn to lonely nights
you take a trip to the city lights
And take the long way home
Take the long way home

You never see what you want to see
Forever playing to the gallery
You take the long way home
Take the long way home

And when you’re up on the stage, it’s so unbelievable,
unforgettable, how they adore you,
But then your wife seems to think you’re losing your sanity,
oh, calamity, is there no way out?

Does it feel that you life’s become a catastrophe?
Oh, it has to be for you to grow, boy.
When you look through the years and see what you could
have been oh, what might have been,
if you’d had more time.

So, when the day comes to settle down,
Who’s to blame if you’re not around?
You took the long way home
You took the long way home………..

Take The Long Way Home – Supertramp

There was a time when I thought of nothing else but a good time, forever chasing skirts and all the primal things that bring pleasure in it’s most simple form. Such were the thoughts of a young man in this world based on a never ending culture of sex and self gratifying exuberance. Thought to be casual with no damage to ones soul we fool ourselves into thinking it’s OK, but it’s not. It rips apart the very essence of what it means to love someone and portrays it as nothing but a pastime to be forgotten in a few days. As I’ve matured I see the scars on my soul that stop me from finding what we all really need, and that is togetherness and a sense of family.

That’s me in the brown plaid jacket second from the right at my grandmother’s house in 1971

For those who read this and think I’m out of touch, not in tune with today’s society, I say you should live your life as you please but be mindful of others. Take a moment and think about what you do and it’s repercussions on those around you. Just because you feel good doesn’t mean you should not care about others. The way to a fulfilling life does include passion, but it should be tempered with a deeper meaning.

I think we are a sum of 3 things…our genetics, our upbringing and our life experiences. We cannot change any of them directly, but we can control how we react to them. If your family has a history of cancer are you going to live your life in constant fear? If you were abused as a child are you going to abuse your own children? If you experienced a bad marriage will you give up on the idea of the one? Ask yourself what your way home is and be honest with your answer.

Tearing the dash apart to find water leaks

As I prepare my Jeep for next summer and all I hope will come of it, I feel a sense of starting down the path that will lead me home. Home to where comfort will be a daily blessing, home to the peace of mind I have searched so long for. No longer playing to the gallery, just finding my place in this world where I fit in. No stage lights, no loud applause, just me and all the beauty this world has to offer to those who are willing to just stop for awhile.

I have decided to let go all the regrets and despair that have plagued me for so long, open myself up to the true meaning of life and all it’s blessings. I look back at all that has been troublesome to me, all I have endured through my life to date, and I see how fortunate I am to have found my way before it’s too late. I still have the time to make my life into what I always hoped it would be, I still have the time to do what’s right. I may have taken the long way home, but home is where I am heading.

11 thoughts on “Take The Long Way Home

  1. There are things in life best shared, but I guess one must master taking care of oneself first. I hop you are able to pull this off, but I am one who has figured out the need for something with a stationary foundation to stop the world from spinning. Over 30 years in motion has done that to me.
    Happy Thanksgiving

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  2. I loved that photograph of the family with your little plaid jacket. Teddy had one just like it! I find this time of year difficult with some good and bad memories. Despite that I miss all my loved ones. Good luck with your journey ahead. Life is truly what you make it. K x

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