Major Jeep Project…Done!

It’s finally done and I can breath a sigh of relief. This repair was the worst problem area on my Jeep with the most in depth skills needed for a good outcome, skills I did not have. As fiercely independent as I am, I also realize when it’s time to ask for help and I feel I need to recognize the people that have helped make my project take shape better and sooner than it would have without them.

Going up on the rack at the garage

First and foremost is Forrest Peasley, because without your generosity in letting me use your shop I would have had to make use of outside labor at a substantial cost, something I really can’t afford. Second, but not any less is Johnny Peasley who’s kind words and great skills allowed me to take on this project with the confidence in knowing I had a friend behind me. I owe you both a debt of gratitude that words seem unable to completely encompass. I’ll just say Thank You and hope it’s enough.

As for the project, RUST is the word of the day!

This is the rear portion of the frame with the bumper mount

Typical New England rusty frame! This section was so bad I just cut off a large area to find sound metal again so we could weld on replacement pieces. I should have taken this picture with my finger straight up through the bottom of the frame. That’s right, there’s a hole through the bottom! This would have broken soon and left me stranded as that large bolt hole in the side is where the spring is attached and the 2 holes on the right held the bumper on!

The passenger side after removal of rust

After cutting out the bad area I ground down the metal to prep it for fitting the new panels and for welding. The new parts came from a company called “Safe-T-Cap” and they were an almost perfect fit right out of the box. Excellent engineering!

Mocking up the new panel

Just a little bit of trimming, clamp them in place and start welding. I couldn’t weld if my life depended on it, so this is where Johnny took over.

Welding the passenger side
Welding the drivers side

Johnny is an excellent welder and the end result speaks for itself.

Very nice welds

The old bumper support was too far gone so we added a piece of C channel to tie the two frames together and then I painted the new steel with rust prohibitive paint.

Watching paint dry!

Next came the 4 inch suspension lift including new springs and shocks, new steering rods and ends, a new anti-sway bar with disconnect ends and a new exhaust system.

Brandy guarding the new parts!

This kit was from “Rough Country” and included all the necessary hardware, and the new exhaust featured “Walker” pipes, a “Magna Flow” catalytic converter and a welded “Thrush” muffler. The sound is a little louder than stock but not annoying like some.

Hi Lift jack with hood mounts

Next I added a “Hi Lift Extreme” jack with hood mounts for those times when I need a BIG lift! And finally some interior improvements for storage.

New vinyl floor
Seat covers from Smittybuilt
Overhead netting for light items. Note the MEGA Ranger radio! (10, 11 and 12 meter with 400 watts!)

Overall I’m very pleased with the progress so far and I look forward to my time in the woods this coming summer. I have many other friends to thank for their contributions as well, and they know who they are. For now let me say how much it means to me to have others interested in what I’m doing, and to those willing to help along the way. I have been a very cynical person for many years, not believing in the goodwill of others, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe I can find a small slice of society to fit into. We shall see. (Ooops, cynical again!)

19 thoughts on “Major Jeep Project…Done!

  1. Excellent work! That’s a great looking Wrangler. I had my own major Jeep project started in 2017 and mostly done now. Still have a few upgrades to make but the structural rebuilds are finished. Guy I bought it off of was just going to scrap it and sell the trans. I built it back and have taken it to Colorado and Montana. (From Cincinnati). So, well done, hats off to ya!

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  2. Well done, John! I hope you and your family stay safe during these trying times. At least us anti-social types have no problem with social distancing…😁 Chad was asking if I had heard from you but I have been off-line too. K x

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      1. Dear Lord, it was 80 degrees here last week! Hopefully really cold or really hot weather will kill the virus. I have ancient face masks that I have put in the freezer because I reckon the dust/mold would have killed me… I used them to clear out my parents in law’s moldy, fungus ridden house. Happy Days…

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      2. The good thing about Maine in the winter is that there are very few tourists/travelers. Now no one will travel anyway. Give your Mom my best regards. We noted that West Virginia had no cases of the virus and Teddy did a hilarious impression of a Moonshiner asking what social distancing was?? We need to keep smiling and be kind.

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