I Will Choose Freewill

There are those who think that life has nothing left to chance
A host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance

A planet of play things
We dance on the strings
Of powers we cannot perceive
‘The stars aren’t aligned
Or the gods are malign…’
Blame is better to give than receive

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose freewill

There are those who think
That they were dealt a losing hand
The cards were stacked against them
They weren’t born in Lotusland

All preordained
A prisoner in chains
A victim of venomous fate
Kicked in the face
You can’t pray for a place
In heaven’s unearthly estate

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose freewill

Each of us
A cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete
Genetic blends
With uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that’s far too fleet

Freewill – Rush

They say boat stands for, “Bring out another thousand!” I say, nothing good in life is free. Would you spend $50,000 on a new car? $500,000 or more on a new house? Most people would say yes without hesitation, so whats wrong with spending possibly a total of $50,000 on a boat that will be my home? $3000.00 on a dingy and motor that will be my car? That amount of money is just the down payment on the average home in America today, and you will pay monthly for at least the next 15 years before paying it off. I guess that’s good for most people but not for me. I want my freedom sooner, and that includes not being tied down to one spot. I’ve got my mind set on something bigger and that’s freewill.

Before my mother passed away recently, we had many conversations about freewill. She believed that God gave us freewill so we could decide for ourselves what was right and what was wrong for each of us, along with common sense to see through the forest of lies and deceit put forth by those who would control us for their own gain. I think these skills are stronger in some more so than others, and what you choose to do with your time on this earth is a reflection of that. It’s not to say one path is seemingly better than another, but the path we follow must be the best for each individual or a wasted life it has been. Making up your mind about your goals is indeed a trying process given the pull of outside influences we each must wade through, so an easy task it is not.

As a young man I let outside forces influence me into this or that, never thinking about the future and what it had in store for me. Little did I know the outcome of choices I made and the resultant consequences. Modern culture lives in a world of immediate gratification, likes and follows rule people’s lifestyle’s regardless of what becomes of their self worth. Money and the accumulation of possessions is the goal along with a showy display of status. I too have followed that path but I now feel the need to be free of such pursuits in the name of a simpler life. Enter Freewill!

Freewill is the name of my future and my sailboat. A dream of times withdrawn from society with nothing but the sea and wind, my dog and my spirit. Devoid of the torrential drone of media and it’s constant pitting of one belief against another, all to drive viewers to their sites, I will relish in the quiet solitude of nature. Will I travel to distant lands as so many do on the never ending channels on YouTube? Not likely as my goals are not attuned to the number of likes or followers I can attain. I am more interested in the number of moments in time I can store away in my memory to take with me when I die. After all, that’s the only thing you take with you on that fateful day.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people I enjoy the company of, but in small doses. The more I am in the company of others, the more I feel drained. The more time I spend alone the more my internal batteries are charged. As with all things a balance is needed to attain nirvana, and I am still trying to find the perfect equation.

I think we all start out even, an equal chance at happiness before us. Outside influences have a part to play, but I think our reaction to such is the real answer to their damage. Only through perseverance and patience can the passion of our hearts be brought forth to the benefit of each, only with the strength of will can one overcome all that consequence throw at you. We all have our cross to bear, we all have troubles to overcome, but the true meaning of freewill is that we have the power to choose how we live with all that transpires.

16 thoughts on “I Will Choose Freewill

  1. Great name John. While listening to Rush I thought what marvellous music to drive to. However, I wouldn’t like to be in a car in front of your rig if you were listening to that!

    Freewill is a good name for the boat, and a good target for life.

    Stay safe and well.

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  2. JDR:

    Cool boat! I’m following you but not sure why I’m not getting you’re posts. I check again to make sure I was following you but I missed this most recent post. Soooo glad you like the new boat..it will bring LOTS of choices. We’re still on target to try to get to the East Coast early summer 2021 and then do some motorhome traveling. I still want to bring you a great bottle of red and grill some steaks in Maine!

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