Life Is Hard, Get Over It

Let’s face it, life is hard. There is no play book to follow, no path laid out before us that leads to a perfect outcome. No one to take our hand and lead us to happiness, no exact science or chemistry to exempt outside problems from taking over. No, life is hard and we must get over the fact we don’t have total control over what happens to us. All we can really do is try to avoid peril when we can and focus on what is good in our lives. A positive outlook is very important when it comes to dealing with life’s many stresses, and how we react is a reflection of our inner strength or weakness. Struggle we may but learn we can. Like Fred Durst said…“Life is a lesson we learn it when were through.”

The lessons that we learn have a direct influence on how we live and look at the world around us. Each of us see what is reflected back at us from the still pond of memories floating in our minds. Distorted our thoughts may be sometimes and often wrong, and still we stumble through life hoping to get it right. But ask yourself…what is right?

Is your “Right” just an idea placed in your mind because of what you were taught in school? Is it a path you were told to follow by your parents because it worked for them? Are you disturbed by the problems of others and determined not to follow the same road as them? We each have a philosophy we follow even if we don’t realize it, we each try to do what we feel is right in this world for us and others. But sometimes all we do will not change the final outcome, sometimes its all up to chance.

We as humans like to think we are at the top of all things, looking down at the earth as “Our” home. We like to think we can control almost everything around us if we apply science or the words and values of those we see as the leaders of thought and wisdom. Blindly following this scientist or that academic we wade through the miasma of what passes for intellectual thought, hoping their answers will lead us to nirvana. Never applying critical thought to our own circumstances we sometimes fall prey to the mistakes of others and fail at the most important items on our life checklist. To follow is foolhardy, to lead is divine.

If one wishes to lead themselves they must be open to all we can learn, narrow minded instincts have no place for us. Each experience in daily life, no matter how small, can give us incite into what matters most in this world. Material possessions make life more comfortable but they do nothing when it comes to true happiness. True happiness is a state of mind brought about when we realize just what it is we want out of our short time on this earth, and we bring forth all the strength we have in the pursuit of that goal. It took me 55 years to stop and realize just what makes me happy, 55 years of trials and sadness to see the light.

My happiness revolves around a simple concept…simplicity in everything. I don’t need a new car or a fancy house. The best of clothes wont cover me any better in a storm than simple ones. Expensive foods and fine wines will not nourish me better than common meats and vegetables and a beer. (sorry, NOT a vegan!) No, my happiness comes from a beautiful sunrise, the smell of a warm breeze flowing over the freshly cut grass in a field. The feel of the sun on my skin, the touch of my lovers hand. Happiness can be found in nature or from your own mind, all one need do is imagine. Stop waiting for someone else to provide the impetus for your dreams and push yourself to find a better way.

Life is hard. The sooner you get over that the sooner you get on with living.

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