Take A Look Around

Does anybody really know the secret?
Or the combination for this life and where they keep it?
It’s kinda sad when you don’t know the meanin’
But everything happens for a reason (everything happens for a reason)

Take A Look Around – Limp Bizkit

I’m 55 years old and in many ways I have nothing to show for my life to date, that is if you believe in the way society measures ones achievements. I don’t own a home, I have no large retirement savings and I’m not married with children. My personal vehicle is 33 years old and I have no plans to own a new one. I work as a truck driver and I have no apartment so I live in my truck full time. I guess one could say I’m not following the social norms of a modern society as I don’t conform to the ideas most people live by. But I say screw that stupid herd mentality. I am not a sheep to be shepherded through this gift called life. Right or wrong I choose my own path and live with the consequences, I make no excuses and ask no help.

I believe in personal responsibility and I think 95% of what happens to us in our lives is due to our own choices. I think how we as individuals deal with life’s daily stresses sets the stage for future accomplishments or failures. If we let uncontrollable circumstances rule our thinking we fail ourselves and lay waste to this incredible gift called life. Yes there are many things that happen like severe injury or disease personal loss or the like, and those circumstance can have a severe impact on our lives. But you still have life. Never ever give up on yourself and your chances at happiness, never give in completely to the feeling of despair even though we all approach that boundary at one point or another. If you give in you lose, and you have no one but yourself to blame.

Maybe we all have a breaking point and I just haven’t reached mine yet. Maybe some future life event will push me past my threshold of what I can endure. I would like to think I can handle all this life can throw at me but I guess we never really know do we. For me as of late my life has taken a turn for the better. I have met a woman that I think is the one, she even has a daughter that is just as healthy and beautiful as her mother. Here is an opportunity for me to find happiness in my life but it comes at a cost. She lives 8500 miles away in another country.

Nothing in this life is free, everything has a cost. No matter how you look at it money is involved in some way, but the amount you need to live is based solely on the lifestyle you choose to live. Of course there are factors we have no control over such as this pandemic and the country that caused it, and it costs us all in time and spirit to overcome the hardships because of it. For some it cost much more and we should all grieve for them and remember it could have been us. If you believe in God you should give thanks for your good fortune and pray for those unfortunate lives destroyed by the folly of man. Even with all that I think you can live a life full of happiness and joy without alot of money, and I try to live by these words…“What are you willing to give up to get what you want?”

I for one am willing to give up all that I know and all I have lived by, and move half way around the world for what I want. I am selling all of my possessions even now and preparing to leave this country possibly for good. I am a US citizen and always will be, I just choose to live where I can be happy and free of all the modern trappings and overinflated costs of this country. I’m moving to a country that may seem almost primitive by some as they cannot imagine life without every convenience close at hand. This country does have all those things in the larger cities, buy I’m going to live in the far off places where there is no Starbucks, no Walmart or Target.

I choose a lifestyle based on hard work with ones hands, not sitting in front of a screen all day. A satisfying existence of growing my own vegetables and bartering for meat and other items with the surplus. I will use my Social Security in a few years to cover items one must purchase, but I can limit them to just essentials. I cannot take a job in this country, but I can start a business. I will think long and hard when I get there to see if that is possible. I must work here at least part time for a few more years to purchase land and build a home, but I cannot own the land as I am not a citizen. So what am I doing?

All these changes are for the love of a beautiful woman and her daughter 8500 miles away in the Philippines. All I do from this point forward is work to make a better life for her and I and give her daughter a father she has never known. I know what I want out of the remaining time I have left on this earth and I am willing to give up all I have know to achieve it. A simple life in a province, an existence simplified down to the basics of life…food, clothing and shelter. That’s all one needs to live but I agree there need to be a few “creature comforts” also to keep oneself comfortable.

The road I choose is long and fraught with difficulties. I’m not kidding myself into thinking this will be easy and without pain. But I know in my heart I am making the right decision, I know I will be happy. In a few years we will be established in our humble home in the countryside and we will find happiness in very simple things. A beautiful sunrise on the porch, then feeding the chickens. A delicious breakfast, then tending to the garden while my wife takes the kids to school. A midday nap just because, and special time spent with my lover alone in our home.

Afternoon brings with it more chores around the home while my wife gets the kids from school, and I have dinner prepared when they arrive home. When dishes are cleaned and help with school work completed, the children go to bed dreaming of unicorns and happy tales of wonder. My wife and hold hands and go to the back yard and watch as the sun retreats to it’s nightly home, and when darkness comes we curl up in bed and hold each other tight and remember what is most important in this world. That is my dream and I am willing to give up all I know to get there. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Take A Look Around

    1. Hello Kerry nice to hear from you! It’s funny how life’s twists and turns can lead you in different directions. I guess you never really know what’s going to happen in this world. At least I’m still going to end up in an exotic location!

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