The River Of Dreams

And even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening and I stand on the shore
And try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find out what I’ve been looking for

The River Of Dreams – Billy Joel

Heartbreak turns to hope in the blink of an eye. Apologies spoken, tears shed, and a broken heart is starting to heal. Will this tragedy of miss-understanding become a triumph of forgiveness? Will the ugly words spoken be forgotten with the passage of time? How does one let go the hurt that was given and taken without a lasting scar? Does love conquer all? I think true love does and I am now testing my theory.

The sea of emotions that controls the human mind can be a burden beyond belief, a task master that rules with an iron fist. One moment life seems blessed beyond compare, the next we are awash with sorrow for what we lost. Such is the mind of this middle aged man distraught from the actions of late. And yet I walk to the river of dreams once again and this time I dive right in.

The risk of drowning in ones own sorrow is great when you feel something so deep you quake with fear. The depth of the sorrow is not the driving force behind your swim but rather the current pushing you to give up is what strains your will. On and on I swim trying and make it to the other shore and be with the woman I think I was meant to be with.

The beauty of her soul beyond our human weaknesses compels me to never give up until the last shred of hope fades. I have faced many perils in my life but I feel this is the most important thing I have ever put effort into and I must not fail. I will swim with all my might and make it to the other shore or die trying.

Nothing good in life is gained by giving up, the purity of strength comes from within as the river widens and the currant grows. We swim through this life harder and harder as the troubles mount, our arms and legs ache with the effort. And yet the best things about our existence come from strenuous effort not luck. Hard work brings forth the best things in life because of the blood and sweat equity put into them. The most successful people in this world never gave up or gave in. And I will follow their lead.

I will swim across this river of dreams because I know whats on the other shore. I will never give up until all hope is gone.

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